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A Quick, Fun Project

I have a friend who recently realized her dream of owning an RV. What fun!  She sent me a text one day saying she'd seen this cute saying: "RV There Yet?" I instantly knew I wanted to make her a sign with that saying on it. To begin, I pulled out some old fence pickets and got busy. A few hours later and ta da! a cute RV sign: I had so much fun with hers, I am making a second one: It is put together and ready to paint. This one will get a different color and saying. It too, will go to someone who has just recently bought their RV!  Neither know I am doing this...well, until they read this post. LOL. So surprise!! I hope you like your signs. Sorry, Denise, you'll have to wait to see yours finished. :o) I know they are all going to have a blast traveling in their RVs. Let the good times roll, y'all! :o) Cecilia Linking up here: You're Gonna Love it Tuesday DIY Showoff That DIY Party Flusters Creative Muster Linky Party-60 Lav

A Touch of Spring

Ah, Spring How we have longed for thee... The daffodils and snowdrops are blooming at the farm: The weather was perfect...warm, breezy, and cloudy in the morning with sunshine in the afternoon. First thing I did was  switch out the winter decor for a Spring one.  I changed all my chalkboard signs to Spring sayings: And put out this sign: Changed  up the mantel: And entry table decor - I need to bring my Spring garland up to drape over the window frame as it still looks a little bare: I freshened up the look of the hearth with my Spring wreath and flower arrangement: And then, I did something I've been wanting to do since we bought the B Farm  - I made a flower bed! The bricks were already there - I discovered them when I started to dig...they were overgrown with weeds. So I dug out the weeds, reset the bricks, moved one of the Lantanas from the other side of the sidewalk, moved some bulbs, and placed my galvaniz

Finished Closet

Our closet is mostly put back together, things sorted and placed on the shelves, and everything nice and organized. I only have two boxes to go through and sort. Can I just say I love my restyled closet?! You can see the boxes I still need to go through...once that's done, I will cover them and place them on the shelf above. I placed my extra blankets on top of the chifforobe  I hung this to use as a hook. It works great! I found it at Hobby Lobby in their knobs. Love the chippy look! The shelves above got all organized: Here the hook has a shirt hanging on it Bruce's side I covered some plastic mesh baskets with some pretty fabric and added a band of the same fabric on the navy bins. They all have labels (well, almost all! ) And the spot above my shoe shelves? Well, this is what I did with it: I used a canvas and covered it with my beautiful fabric to make a jewelry spot. I added trim and upholstery tacks, then hung two frames - one hold

Master Closet Makeover

Today, my post is not about the farm.... It is about our city house, where we have lived for the past 20 years.... Crazy! I can't believe that much time has gone by. It's the longest we have ever been in one house. We have made several improvements over the years, getting rid of wallpaper and upgrading flooring, repainting (several times!), upgrades in the kitchen, etc. I have attempted to organize my closet before but it never quite felt right. The cheaper storage shelving just weren't cutting it anymore and the top of the closet was a mess. The wardrobe used to be in the bedroom before I talked Bruce into moving it into the closet. It belonged to Bruce's grandfather. I stored the sheets and extra blankets in it. So I pulled everything out...and I mean everything (ok, not the wardrobe but then we'd have to pull the door frame off for that ). Ugh, we have a lot of stuff. I think it's time to get rid of some of it! I decided to paint th