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Late Summer Touches

I did some other freshening up at the farm while we were there while waiting on the paint to dry on the dresser... I had this large clock. It needed new works. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the old hands to work and got stuck with these gold ones...I probably should at least spray paint them. ha. I then put crackle medium on it and painted it this lovely shade of blue from Benjamin Moore called Palladian Blue. It is a soft aqua-y blue. Love it. It went on the mantel along with a late summer touch of Sunflowers and other late summer/Fallish flowers... A girl can dream of cooler weather with bonfires, a cozy fire in the fireplace, warm quilts, and hot chocolate, can't she? Even if it's months away still... sigh. The entry table also got an update: Back to reality and the 100 degree heat. Boo. On a more exciting note, with the laundry room done, I have officially done every room in my lovely little farmhouse. Sure, there are some small things to

Laundry Room Mostly Done

I won't say the laundry room is finished but  the major work is done. Here's the rundown on the last big projects. The beat-up, plain-jane, hollow core door replaced with an old door with peeling paint and windows: Frosted windows  to read "Laundry Room" and "Staff Only": I used etching cream and got so-so results. Too streaky for my liking. Bruce got the Frosted Glass spray paint and went over the windows giving me a nice even finish.... have I mentioned before how awesome my husband is? He's the best! Replaced the modern door knob with something with more character. I found these on EBay and much to my delight, won the bid. The white porcelain knobs and plates are just what the door needed to finish its makeover. Now the entry to my laundry room looks like this: Painted the little dresser and made a window covering. The dresser was pale yellow and smelled. I painted the whole thing inside and out to seal away the

The Continuing Laundry Room Make-Over

The make-over continues: I decided the shelf area needed a curtain, so in keeping with my color scheme, I bought a grey full-sized sheet, cut it in half, hemmed the raw edges, and then stenciled words in yellow: Sorry about the wrinkles - I still don't have an iron at the farm; after all, who wants to do "real" work? The broom "closet" also got a curtain. I found the fabric at Wal-Mart - it's really more yellow than it shows in the picture... I found these great red fabric bins at Garden Ridge; some were even on sale. I added my chalkboard tags, tying them on with twine. I am currently looking for a chalk marker so I can write neater than the chalk stick lets me write. Hobby Lobby carries what I want but they've been out. I can clip the curtains open with my cute decoupaged clothes pins: I'm excited how it's coming together. I really like that I can hide the broom, mop and ladder away. And this finally

Farm Laundry Room Wall

This weekend I got the laundry room painted - walls, trim, and shelves. Yay!! It looks fresh and bright. And because I got all the painting done, I was able to get the accent wall done ( thanks to my husband for his help!). When I began planning, I wanted to do something to the walls that would give it some interest. I thought of beadboard or a rough plaster texture but I wanted a more rustic look. Rough wood planks (as in old fence pickets) or what I really,  really wanted was rusty tin. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough old fence pickets or somewhere to get rusty tin for either option. I had just about decided to go with beadboard when I just happened to mention the rusty tin idea to one of my sisters. She said she knew where she could get some, so how much did I need? Yes! I quickly measured, told her, and in a few weeks had some tin panels. Perfect...only they weren't rusty. She told me the rusty ones were too far gone so she decided to bring me these. Ok, I can rust

Laundry Room Redo A Bit At A Time

I am in the process of painting, organizing, and decorating the laundry room at the farm. I scraped the popcorn off the ceiling after Bruce removed the cabinet above the washer (you can read about that  here ) then Bruce painted it this last time we were there. I also knocked out two shelves on the tall cabinet to create a broom "closet" of sorts. I made a curtain to hang over it, because let's face it, some things just aren't pretty to look at. :-) Here is a before: removed the bottom shelves As you can tell, I have loads of organizing to do. The walls are getting a fresh coat of paint too. After going back and forth on what color to paint it, I decided to go with Ivory Palace which I used in the kitchen. The room is fairly dark so it should help brighten it up. I will also paint the trim white. All of which should get it ready for an accent wall! The old yellow dresser from the master bedroom is going to be repurposed in here to make up for lost storage