Monday, August 5, 2013

Laundry Room Redo A Bit At A Time

I am in the process of painting, organizing, and decorating the laundry room at the farm. I scraped the popcorn off the ceiling after Bruce removed the cabinet above the washer (you can read about that here) then Bruce painted it this last time we were there.

I also knocked out two shelves on the tall cabinet to create a broom "closet" of sorts. I made a curtain to hang over it, because let's face it, some things just aren't pretty to look at. :-) Here is a before:

removed the bottom shelves
As you can tell, I have loads of organizing to do.

The walls are getting a fresh coat of paint too. After going back and forth on what color to paint it, I decided to go with Ivory Palace which I used in the kitchen. The room is fairly dark so it should help brighten it up. I will also paint the trim white. All of which should get it ready for an accent wall!

The old yellow dresser from the master bedroom is going to be repurposed in here to make up for lost storage from the shelves I removed. I've completely painted the insides to kill the lingering smoke smell. (From now on, I will do a smell check on all used furniture!) The outside will also get repainted. Red, I think. I will have a picture of it soon.

In the meantime, I've been working on signs and gathering other things: some clothes pins covered with scrapbook paper,

These will get used to hang some of my old baby clothes up or as tie backs for the curtains. Can you tell what my color scheme is going to be? Yep! Red, yellow, and grey. I am in love with that color combo!

scrapbook paper I'm using

 a change holder,

 I used the yellow paper to cover the board, painted the edges and the words, then screwed on a clamp to hold the jar.

Last but not least, I added some scrapbook paper to plain white tags and painted some chalkboard paint on for my baskets and jars:

I am going to recover my mother's old ironing board - maybe in burlap or perhaps one of my fabrics. I'm not sure yet. I also want to make a large laundry sign if I have room for it. The hollow core door is getting replaced with an old door that has character. I've been working on it getting it ready. And I am really excited about my Craig's List score that will dress up my "new" door.

I am really having fun with this room. Who knew doing a laundry room could be so much fun?

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  1. Those clothes pins are adorable! You've been busy! It's going to be fun to see it all come together!

  2. Thanks Karen. They were really easy!

  3. Those clothespins are so cute! No rush dear, so it one at a time and in no time, you'll be done!

    1. Thank you! I always get in a rush and want to get to the fun part of decorating! It will get there though. I just have to remind myself to take the time to get the "bones" taken care of and do it right, then the rest will fall into place. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I, for one, NEVER knew how much a fun a laundry room could be until I started blogging LOL
    Can't wait to see yours finished Cecilia - those clothes pegs are too adorable!!!

    1. LOL, girl you are too neither for that matter! It would seem that blogging about laundry does up the fun factor!

  5. Cecilia, how cute are these clothes pins???! Just goes to prove the simple things are best. Love it and it's coming along so nicely!

    1. Seriously cute, if you ask me! I love them; I think they are going to add a really sweet touch to a mundane task. :) Thanks, Doreen!

  6. I love the clothespins, so cute and what a creative idea. Great changes so far. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Those clothes pins are sooo fabulous! Love what you've done so far!

    1. Hey Tuula! Thank you for visiting. I am off this weekend to work on the room some more. Wall painting for one thing. Hoping to get a lot accomplished!


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