Monday, March 18, 2013

The B Farm One Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe it's been a year since we bought the B Farm...we fell in love with it the first time we saw it. The land was so pretty and the house, well, let's just say it had potential.

The house was neglected and very dirty. Remember all that paneling? I felt like I was in a box, it was so brown:

The kitchen had this cabinet over the bar that made it feel closed in, a fruity wallpaper border which didn't do anything for it (guess it made it less brown ), and was gross  yucky with grease stains and dirt:

The bathroom was pink with purply-pink cabinets and old wallpaper with lots of dusty, dusty lace:

And a ceiling fan that overhung the shower....uh, ok that was strange.

After much cleaning and painting throughout the house, it now looks like this:

And this:

The kitchen is clean and fresh ( I love my chalkboard wall! ):

And no more cabinet blocking the view and closing off the kitchen (I need to learn to clean off the counters before I snap the picture lol):

The living room is brighter:

(oh, the trim around the fireplace is painted now)

And the guest room is ready for guests:

We have cleaned, painted, painted some more, and added personal touches all over:

Coffee cup lamp 
 I love my coffee cup lamp and galvanized bucket light. You can find how we made them here and here.
Galvanized bucket light

And my entry way table I found next to a dumpster was a great find. You can see the transformation here.

This eyesore is now gone (I forgot to take an after picture - looks way better all cleaned up!):

Dead trees have been cut down, leaves raked, pastures mowed, debris cleared, and the land is slowly looking like someone cares again. We've done so much and yet there's so much more to do.

So, what is next for the B Farm?

This coming year, I want to work on the yard, pull the master bedroom together, and tackle the laundry room/pantry with a new paint job and organization. It has great potential:

And we still have plenty of painting to do: the outside of the house (Mr. B started and should finish up next visit ), several furniture projects, and the front and back doors.

Someday we need to redo the mantel on the fireplace - it's off-center and too high:

The countertops need to be replaced or, maybe I'll try Rustoleum's Countertop Transformation kit.

 And we need to run electricity out to the shop and barn. The barn will become my art studio someday but it will need windows, a door, and probably a new roof.

Big dreams for our future, one small step at a time. It makes me smile thinking about it. How I love this place!

And now, I'd like to take the time to thank each and every one of you who have joined me on our journey. When I started this blog a year ago, I knew nothing about blogging and I never dreamed I'd have 50 followers. It was just a way for me to journal our process of turning this sweet property into our someday home. I am so blessed by your visits, comments, and encouragement. You have helped make the B Farm a home. Thank you so much.

With a full heart,


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Great Find!!

I wasn't going to go into another thrift store until my pile of projects had shrunk...honestly.

But yesterday, I was out and about with a friend shopping for a bridal shower. We needed a vase for the flowers...good grief they were expensive. We decided to wait to get one - we do have a week before we need it anyway.  Then I decided to stop on my way home and look at Good Will - there's always a ton of vases and some are really nice. Plus, I could also look for the book I need to finish off the series I'm reading.

Ok, I did find the perfect vase for $2.99 but I didn't find my book and that's when I should have just gone and paid for the vase but I didn't - I wandered the aisles. [ bad, bad me. ;o) ]

I ended up with 2 farm prints for my B Farm bedroom ( perfect for my decor! ) and then I saw this:

My heart started beating faster....could it be just what I was actually telling my friend earlier I wish had? Oh yes! It was!! It was even sturdy. I leaned over to see what price they had on it and I saw this:

Yep, that's $6.99! Score! Let me tell you, if Ross or Marshall's would of had one while I was there, I'd  have paid their price for it. But fortunately for me, those stores didn't have one and I did go to GW. And there she sat. Sturdy if a little worn.

This perfect chair will make the perfect desk chair in my bedroom. It needs a new cover but surely it won't be too hard to make a slipcover in a nice sturdy and washable fabric. I should be able to handle it. I'm going to paint the legs too, while I'm at it. Then Mr. B will have a desk chair and won't have to mess up my decor by pulling over a sitting area chair. Haha, can't have that now, can we?

I can't wait to get started on this chair. It's just what I had in mind. I'm still doing a happy dance. Love it when I find what I need at a good great price. This ranks right up there with my dumpster dive table. So stay tuned! This is one project I plan on doing right away. I'm really hoping to have it done next week.

I'm definitely not sorry I ended up at GW. Did you ever break your resolve not to go thrifting and have it turn out good?


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Some finished projects

It was a wonderful weekend at the "B" Farm! Bruce took off Friday so we could spend an extra day there. Spring is really trying to burst forth...the irises are blooming, trees have baby leaves, and the dogwood blooms are swelling - they should be open next time we go! Yay!

We accomplished quite a bit - B took down the old, ugly carport that was rotting, we raked and burned huge piles of leaves, and B started painting the outside of the house. Goodbye streaky yellow, hello beautiful Sandstone Cove!

And inside projects got done too. Remember the two pillows I bought to recover?

I finished them and placed them on the beds and now they look like this:

 I finished my coffee tray also and placed it behind the coffee tool box to hide the power cords. I just love it when something turns out the way I envisioned! Here's a before pic...I was using a green plate to hide the cords:

The tray I found to replace the plate:

The painted tray:

And now the new cord hider! I love how it looks - I need to figure out a way to lift it up a bit more though.

I don't know about you, but my project pile keeps growing even before I finish all I have. I mean, when you find something, you have to get it right? And I found this before we left for the weekend:

YES! It's perfect for the bathroom storage I've been wanting! Can't you just see it with baskets in those cubbies?

And then there's this that's just been waiting for me to work on it:

Love the little white knob but let me tell you, the backing is yucky and smelly so off it went. Going to have Mr. B put beaded board on it. Both pieces got primed and the first coat of paint on them. Sadly, the 2nd coat will have to wait for my next trip to the farm.

Check this out too - My church is getting rid of the pews and I scored this small one:

She's a little rough but soon she will be sporting a new coat of paint and a new cushion. Can you guess where she'll go? Ah, but that's for another time.

Thanks for visiting at the "B" Farm!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Projects waiting

I have lots and lots of projects lined up ready to do...

Bought these 2 pillows (cheap!) at Ross. They are a nice size. I plan on recovering them perhaps with a drop cloth or other rustic fabric and putting cute sayings on them..

They're rather, um, unique right now but that's probably why they were cheap - ha!

This tray for the coffee station - it will sit behind the little toolbox to hide the power cords ( I'm using a plate right now but need it back - ha! ) - trying to decide if I want to put chalkboard paint on it or a really cool design...

It's pretty ugly right now. Can't wait to transform it!

This cute arch with metal scroll needs a new paint job...

hm, maybe a blue to go with the guest bedroom...

This terra cotta angel - I plan on putting a white crackle finish on her...

And these "suitcase" boxes...I want to decoupage maps on at least one of them. I think they will make cute accent storage pieces...

I know the shoe design is cute but they are more beat up than the picture shows and really not my style. I like them because they look like old suitcases.

Time for me to get busy and get some of these done before the next farm visit! I'm also working on my next painting - a covered bridge. It's from a photo I took on our Leaf Trip a couple of years back. It's coming along nicely. Hopefully it will work above the fireplace. We'll see! I will share my project progress next week.

What are you working on?

Happy thoughts,

I found this beauty on my climbing rose bush...It won't be long and it will be covered in blooms! Ah, it smells fabulous! How I love Spring!

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