Friday, March 1, 2013

Projects waiting

I have lots and lots of projects lined up ready to do...

Bought these 2 pillows (cheap!) at Ross. They are a nice size. I plan on recovering them perhaps with a drop cloth or other rustic fabric and putting cute sayings on them..

They're rather, um, unique right now but that's probably why they were cheap - ha!

This tray for the coffee station - it will sit behind the little toolbox to hide the power cords ( I'm using a plate right now but need it back - ha! ) - trying to decide if I want to put chalkboard paint on it or a really cool design...

It's pretty ugly right now. Can't wait to transform it!

This cute arch with metal scroll needs a new paint job...

hm, maybe a blue to go with the guest bedroom...

This terra cotta angel - I plan on putting a white crackle finish on her...

And these "suitcase" boxes...I want to decoupage maps on at least one of them. I think they will make cute accent storage pieces...

I know the shoe design is cute but they are more beat up than the picture shows and really not my style. I like them because they look like old suitcases.

Time for me to get busy and get some of these done before the next farm visit! I'm also working on my next painting - a covered bridge. It's from a photo I took on our Leaf Trip a couple of years back. It's coming along nicely. Hopefully it will work above the fireplace. We'll see! I will share my project progress next week.

What are you working on?

Happy thoughts,

I found this beauty on my climbing rose bush...It won't be long and it will be covered in blooms! Ah, it smells fabulous! How I love Spring!


  1. You are so creative! I love watching your projects unfold. I can't wait to see the finished product - you'd best get busy ;-)

    1. hee, I've been procrastinating...that's way there's a post on what I have to do instead of what I've done. lol

    2. why not way...oh goodness, maybe I'd better go to bed. :o)


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