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My brother

My brother lost his battle with cancer early this morning. He no longer suffers. My heart breaks and tears fall but I know someday we will be reunited. God bless each and everyone who prayed for him and us. You'll never know how much they helped us get through this. Resting in His comfort, Cecilia

We have new puppies!

Wow, the middle of January is already past...where has time gone? The days are full. My brother is slowly fading and it's hard to watch but so I'm so treasuring the days we have. He turns 60 on the 23rd. We are planning a small celebration and I'm sure he will have plenty of visitors. On a happier note, 2 little fuzzies came to be a part of our family: My new border collie puppies They are brothers. Buddy is the black and white and Herbie is the chocolate and white. We've had them a week already and what a joy they are! They make me smile and laugh and when things are at their gloomiest, they snuggle in my lap and give my face puppy kisses. Yes, they get me up early. Yes, they keep me on my toes with house breaking but it's all worth it as they bound around the house and yard with their little happy puppy-selves: playing under the chair- Don't think they will fit under here much longer! Herbie loves to climb in your lap and snuggle...should be fu
I apologize for not posting anything in has gotten a tad overwhelming. My oldest brother is very ill - he has terminal liver cancer and my siblings and I are having to help take care of him. It is progressing very quickly too. It is heartbreaking. Brother Tony at my birthday celebration On top of that, I lost my sweet border collie in November. She was too young, only 3 - she had a very bad seizure that caused a stroke. She was such a part of my everyday life and has left a huge hole.  My beautiful Lucy Lucy playing with a flower pot But there is some good news in all this sadness - I'm getting two border collie puppies very, very soon. They won't replace Lucy but I'm sure they will be just as wonderful as she was. Border collies are just so personable. Anyway, they turn 6 weeks old next week. They are just adorable as can be. I am looking forward to my little buddies coming home and to the antics and joy they will bring to