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Sunset at the B Farm "By day the  Lord  directs his love,  at night  his song  is with me—a prayer to the God of my life." Ps 42:8 I hope your Sunday has been peaceful and as night falls, you find rest.  Blessings, Cecilia   

Halloween tablescape

I don't decorate for Halloween the way I used to when my kids were young and still at home. But I like the fun aspect of the holiday. And I have some cute decorations that I like to get out every year. This year, I decided to do one table top and a spookier version of what I normally do. On Pinterest last year, I saw a pumpkin with holes carved in it and rubber rats placed in the holes. Mouse Motel I loved the creepiness of it, so wanted to do my own version of it. Cheap is good - off to Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart I went! I found a package of 3 mice, a carve-able pumpkin and some creepy cloth. I used an apple corer to punch holes in the pumpkin, draped the creepy cloth over the table, set the pumpkin on a stand and arranged the mice in the holes. Eek! Next, I took my Bones, Sticks, and Stones and ghost candle holders from PartyLite and placed them around the pumpkin. Cute! Bones, Sticks the dog, and ghost candle holders Stones the cat and another Ghost  I ha

Small toolbox into coffee station

Remember the cute little toolbox I found at GW? I decided to use it to put my coffee, sugar packets, etc. in. Of course, it needed a paint job so I painted it with a base coat of white then pulled out one of my nifty little cans of sample paint ( yay, I'm getting to use them up!), made up a batch of homemade chalk paint, and painted all over. Next, I found a coffee label online and transferred it onto the side and using a sharpie, went over and outlined the design. Of course, I had to sand it to give it a distressed look. Here's how it turned out: I think it's cute how the steam swirls make a heart! I then placed it on the counter with a red tray in front: Played around with the arrangement of items and came up with this:  Yes, we have 2 coffee makers - a regular drip maker and a Keurig...I like coffee, in case you couldn't tell. :) The plate hides all the cords. I found these cute, galvanized miniature buckets at Wal-Mart so I bought 2

Thanksgiving sign

I can't stand it...I was going to post this next week but I'm dying to show it off! I know, I know, now I will have to come up with a new post for next week. That's ok. I'm having fun with this and so enjoy it. You make it so much more so! So thanks for reading and leaving comments. I am thankful for you! Anyway, here's my farm mantel post: My mantel needed help. Everything I placed there got lost against the brick. Painting it isn't an option - that was voted down very emphatically! However, I painted the trim around the fireplace to match the surrounding walls and ah, that looks better - blends instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.  Also, it doesn't quite line up with the fireplace. Or the fireplace isn't centered on the wall. Who designed this anyway?! I can't tell you how many quirky things we've found in this house. I think it's  called character! ha. To help it look better, I decided it needed a wooden sign. I picked a fa

Stool Makeover

I found a surprise at the farm this weekend - clumps and clumps of these beauties! I can't tell you how happy they made me! They remind me of my mom - she had them in her yard- ( I'd lost all of mine here at my city home ) and I had no idea these were at the farm. So I did a Happy Dance...good thing only Lucy was there to see me and being a dog, she thought I was playing with her. :o) Of course, I had several of my projects I took to place/finish up. There's the small toolbox and the fireplace sign - both done and in place. (But that's another post or two). Then there's the two little stools I got for $3. Yep, you saw it right. $3. I was only going to get one but the man at the thrift store said I could have both for the price of one. Sweet! I only had an idea for one of them but figured I'd come up with something for the second one eventually. You know how that goes! :o) So of course, they both came home with me! The first one immediatel