Friday, October 1, 2021

Giving Wyndham A Refresh - the Dragon Weathervane

 Oh my goodness! Where has time gone? I haven't even had a chance to touch my metal chairs. With ArtWalk last weekend, I spent the last two weeks getting ready for it.

However, while I was working on the one chair, I had Bruce pull Wyndham, my dragon weathervane, down. He had gotten quite dark and dirty.

I found this copper patina kit at Hobby Lobby: Modern Masters Metal Effects Matte Green Patina.

After giving Wyndham a good cleaning, I painted the basecoat on, then let it dry for the recommended time.
Here he is with the basecoat.

Next up I painted the copper coat on and let it dry.

Afterwards, I sprayed the reactive solution heavily all over.  It didn't look like much to begin with.

But the longer he sat, the more the green patina developed. Here's what he looked like the next day:

Wow! Looking so good. I gave him a finish coat of clear spray. Then I needed to paint the base. I followed the same steps.

Finally, it was all ready to put back up. Look how good Wyndham looks!

He's flying high again, no longer dull and black. I love my dragon weathervane. He still brings a smile to my face each time I watch him spin in the wind. 

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  1. Your dragon weathervane turned out gorgeous. How fun is that patina kit. Looks great. Happy Friday and have a great weekend. xoxo Kris


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