Monday, April 9, 2018

Welcome to the Tin Roof Studio - Final Reveal

Hello friends! I've been busy painting and creating. I'm hard at work but it's what I love to do and it's so satisfying to see the paintings come to life under my paintbrush.

Easter weekend, I finally got around to taking photos of the studio. It's done for now. We still want to add a bathroom onto it but it is ready for me to paint in!

Please come in and take a look around. (Warning: Lots of Photos)
As you come in the door and look to the right, you'll see my easel set up in the windows.

The light is amazing!

My small drafting table sits on the other side of the window on the right along with the crib springs that have been repurposed to hold paint tubes and the metal rack shelf unit Bruce built for me.

Not sure what I'm going to put in the small buckets - I mostly use long-handled brushes and they don't fit too well. But I'll find the perfect things eventually.

My books that inspire along with supplies are on my metal rack shelf unit.

Next is the back wall - the door with stuff in front of it will eventually be the bathroom door.

The red shelf unit is the one my neighbor put on the curb to throw away. A new coat of paint along with tightening up the screws and it's as good as new. I haven't decided yet what to put on it.

The red shelf unit, lockers, and canvas storage table all sit on the back wall along with some other treasures. Moonbeam, the unicorn, graces the wall along with a clock.

The globe was a Canton find...I have plans to paint it and do something cool with it. Also, a magazine rack (also rescued from the neighbor's trash) turned on its side, on top of the large canvas holder, holds small canvases.

The lockers may be one of my favorite pieces. I love the patina on it and it is great for storage.

Then onto the left wall. You will notice the double doors that lead to the breezeway of the barn.

Bruce replaced the old rotted floor and poured concrete in the gap between the studio floor and the wood floor of the breezeway. (on a side note, there was a possum living under the floor. Removing him was exciting but we did manage to get him out without him or us getting hurt).

My worktable, acrylic paints and chicken feeder light sit on this side.

This game board is part of my inspiration wall - I love it for the bright colors. I only have a couple of things here but eventually I'll add more pieces.

 The worktable is such a great spot to work on smaller projects, like my Christmas ornaments.

The small metal shelves are perfect for holding bottles of acrylic paints. (side note - I found 2 more shelves at Good Will that are the exact same...they've just been painted).

 The old gate is now my photo backdrop

I'm glad I talked Bruce into leaving the center beam exposed. A good clean up was all it needed and adds so much character.

Lights and a ceiling fan make sure the space is always well lit and comfortable.

And that brings us back to the front.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Tin Roof Studio. I am ready to set up and paint in here. Bruce will be lucky to drag me out or get me back to the city. 😀 I can't tell you how thrilled and pleased I am with my new space. It is a dream come true.

 BEFORE: (You've come a long way, baby)


A big thank you to Bruce for coming up with the idea of making this a studio and all of his hard work getting it all done. And to Jay, Barry, Paul, and Simon for your help at various stages. We couldn't have done it without you!

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  1. OMGOSH, Cecilia! I LOVE your studio! Look how far you have come. What a great space to be creative and lose yourself from the everyday world! I love the way you have hung your paints-that is a really great idea.
    Hope you have a beautiful and creative week. xo Diana

  2. Inspiring !!! i think your paint shelves are old Home Interior shelves.

    1. Oh cool! I was wondering what they had been used for. Thank you!

  3. Cecilia! It's absolutely perfect and I can see your hand in every detail. I adore all of your fun repurposed storage and all of that glorious natural light. I know you must be in heaven! Be sure to drop by Wed and share it at Vintage Charm ;) Hugs, Cecilia

  4. I also have one of the little vintage metal shelves...exactly like those. They must have been mass produced at the time....they're everywhere! LOVE the red lockers! And isn't trash wonderful!? People throw away so much that others can use! I pick up whatever I find for the San Antonio Center for Refugee Services. I've gotten perfectly good room rugs for nothing! Those things are expensive! It looks wonderful, Cecilia, and I'm one jealous gal! :-)

  5. Oh my gosh Cecilia I am just over the moon excited to see your beautiful studio. Where to begin!!! Well first of all congrats to that keeper hubby Bruce. What a great job they all did. I love the natural light coming in and all the great and creative treasures you found to relove into useful pieces for the studio. Now your sweet creative soul can soar. This is just beautiful. I am so happy you will have this wonderful creative space. Now you just need the bathroom, a small refrigerator and a comfy little bed and you will never have to leave!!!!!! Congrats my friend. This is amazing and beautiful.

  6. Kris has pretty much said exactly what I was thinking. I am sooooo impressed with this space Cecilia! It’s perfect in every way. Spacious, light filled, and stocked with everything you need to lose yourself for hours while you create your masterpieces.

    Bruce deserves a HUGE pat on the back (we’ll, maybe a little more but I’ll leave that to you). ;).


  7. Congratulations on your new studio! You all did an amazing redo of this space. I know you will enjoy having this spot for creating beautiful paintings.

  8. What an absolutely wonderful space! I LOVE how you used the bedspring as paint storage. Very clever. May you have a wonderful week of lovely weather!

  9. You have crafted a wonderful creative space. I love the lockers you found.

  10. I am so happy for you friend! You deserve a happy place to create your art:) I would kill to have that light. And your storage solutions are fabulous. Bruce is a definite keeper lol Congrats on the space and ENJOY! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! Yup, knew he was a keeper when I met him. I just didn't know how much of one until later! He's the best! And it was all his idea to turn this space into my absolutely overwhelms me that he wanted to do that for me. :)

  11. Cecilia!!!!
    WOW!!! You all worked so hard and it most certainly paid off! Just look at your very own Art Studio. Are you just pinching yourself to see if this is all real! Seeing your dream come true touches me so deeply. I am so very happy for you and you deserve this so much! Dream and paint my friend, create beauty and keep sharing it all too!

  12. Hi Cecilia ... I am so excited for you to have this wonderful and interesting place to paint. I love that you used decorative old stuff and made it useful for your needs, I am very impressed. So good to have a handy man to help ... good job Bruce.
    Audrey Z.

  13. Cecilia, I can't believe I missed the big reveal! Your creative space is wonderful! I love the way you hung your paints and stored things in such fun ways. I can only imagine that you are going to love having this light and bright space of your very own. Paint on girl!

  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful studio at Vintage Charm. I really love all of your creative storage solutions ;) Pinned!


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