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Creative Friday #12: What is the Artist Thinking?

Good morning everyone! It's time for another Creative Friday! Have you ever wondered about what an artist was thinking when they created a certain piece of art? I know I have - I wondered what inspired the subject, the mood, or if there's some hidden meaning. Then there's where someone completely misses what the artist was trying to convey and tells you, "Oh that's really sweet" when in fact it wasn't meant to be sweet. Today, I'd like to step outside my comfort zone, make myself vulnerable, and delve into one of my paintings. I struggled , no wrestled is the better word, with the idea of this painting for several years. It would come knocking on the door of my mind, I'd think about it, then promptly put it on the back burner as too difficult or just not ready to go there yet. But it kept nagging at me. Then one day, it could no longer be ignored. I was struggling. Struggling with creativity, struggling with feeling blocked, wondering if I

Quick Projects Around the Farm

We headed to the farm on Thursday to check on the bees and water plants. I am happy to report the bees are doing looks like new bees have hatched and all is going as it should.  And the plants are thriving and blooming (yay). I ended up not having to water - a storm blew in Thursday evening and we got an inch of rain. Afterwards the weather was just gorgeous with perfect temperatures! And check out the sunset - isn't it so pretty with the sun gilding the edges of the clouds? The next morning dawned sunny and cool The mowing got done,  And I planted plants in the new front bed in front of the guest room. Looking forward to those growing and softening the edges of the rain drain. I placed the little tractor in the flowerbed - when the plants grow up around it, it will look so adorable among them! I also got a couple of smaller projects done. One of them was redoing the small metal table we use out on the back patio. I'd

Creative Friday #11: Dog Art On A Cart

I've been behind on my Creative Friday posts...been doing a lot but nothing worth blogging about. Today, however, I have a makeover for you I think you'll like! Once upon a time (last year), I found a metal tiered cart at Canton Trade Days. I paid $12 for it which was a bargain considering most I've found have been $35 and up. It had been painted an ugly mustard yellow color and they painted over the rust plus the chrome legs. (Can you say a bad paint job?) It's been sitting in the garage waiting to be made over - last year we had a very rainy and cool spring (every time I wanted to work on it, it rained) and summer was too hot. Then other projects took over and it languished. Finally, I pulled it out this past weekend so I could work on it. I sanded it to get rid of the raised areas caused by rust, flipped it over and sanded the underside, then I took paint stripper and slathered it on. Yuck -  stinky, gloopy mess. But the mustard yellow is gone. I