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B is For Bee - Putting the B in the B Farm And Doing Lots of Work

There's so much happening at the B Farm right now...where do I begin?

How about the bees? Yep, we finally put the "bee" into the B farm (yes, B is from our last name) but Wednesday, we got our first hive of bees! They made the journey from pickup point to the farm buzzingly (ha).
The arrow is pointing to the tab that is holding the queen box
And yes, some rode outside the box the whole 3 hours to the farm. They hung on tight. Bruce said the delivery truck had bees buzzing all around it. They won't leave the queen so they stay with the box. They're really amazing creatures.

Beekeeper Bruce got the hive all set up

He dumped, huh, placed the bees in their new home. It was a fascinating process.

Can you believe they've already started making the wax cells? Hopefully Ms. Queen Bee is laying already. We have seen worker bees with pollen so they are settling in.

We spent the rest of the week working busy as bees....haha, ok enough with the bee jokes.

Last weekend, our friends helped me weed and plant the front flowerbed (thanks Patty for all the plants - they are doing great! and thank you Paul and Mira!)
And this week got mulch (thanks Simon for the mulch!) down in the flowerbeds. Can I say my friends are the best?

The back flowerbed is also mulched.

The oakleaf hydrangea is very happy. Look at all those blooms!

Hello pretty Lady Friend (iris variety)

I completely dug up the front bed in front of the bedroom window (goodbye snake hiding grass) and had Bruce pull out the tired bush on the corner.

 The cannas were passed along to a friend.
I need to bring more plants from the city house but for now the new butterfly bush is in place and should be gorgeous in that spot.

 Bricks and rocks should help with where the rain pours off the roof until we can get gutters installed.
drain on the left side - also one on the right side 

I got the studio door painted (thanks Bruce for putting the second coat on when I was too tired to move that evening) and Bruce started running the wiring for the outlets and lights. Yes!

Then on Saturday, with the help of B's brother, we got the pathway to the studio done!

Woot. Y'all! It changes the look of the backyard completely! I can now see my vision of the backyard coming to life. It might not happen overnight but it's there!

Sore and tired, we ended the day with a yummy dinner from Pint & Barrel.

Sunday morning, we headed to church for a wonderful Easter service. I think I could have stayed there all day singing and worshipping our Savior.

Back at the farm, I worked on lunch while the guys finished up the walkway from the patio to the steps up into the yard. It looks wonderful. A huge "thank you" to my brother-in-law Barry for helping us get that job done!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our progress at the farm. Come back Wednesday for a fun (and more relaxing) post on wedding stuff. Megan and I had a blast with it!

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  1. Woo-hoo you are buzzing along ;) So exciting! Love the red door! I'm convinced paths give focus to a garden. Your hard work is paying off--looking good!

  2. This is all good stuff! Your bees are so cool! We need more bees in this world.

    Your flower beds look great. Love your studio and the welcoming red door. :)

  3. Oh my goodness Cecilia...I am tired from reading about all the work you guys did! Everything looks the color of the door and the path is so pretty. Love that it's a winding path. The bees are going to be a neat addition to the farm. I love daddy kept bees when I was a kid. I have thought about trying it myself just to have local honey to help with allergies. Maybe some day! I have a collection of bee themed items...I just think they are such a pretty insect. We just studied them in kinder...we do every year. And, my sister and I are doing a bee themed baby shower in May for her daughter-in-law. It is going to be so cute! I hope you have a great week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. You're welcome, Cecilia! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you. And Paul and Mira! What terrific folks! I imagine all that planting was daunting, and I hope they all grow well for you. And look at all those bees! Next time a hive pops up on our property I'll call you guys to come and get them. (for some reason,maybe with my new computer, it's asking me to click on COMMENT AS: before I can hit PUBLISH. Since I had to choose Anonymous.... this is Patty. :-)

    1. Patty,
      I can't thank you enough for the plants! We've had a couple of good rains so they are off to a good start! (Did you see the Little Buckaroo blooming in the back flowerbed? ) It was a pleasure getting to finally meet you in person too! And yes! Call us to come get the bees! Hm, you're showing as a no reply blogger so maybe that's why?

  5. Whew! I'm tired just reading about all your endeavors! There is so much going on! Love the door, the oaths, everything! I'm sure the upcoming nuptials are motivating :)

    Bees are truly amazing creatures! It's so sad that their populations are diminishing...

    Have a great week my friend!


  6. All the work is paying off. It looks awesome. Love that you are now bee farmers. How fun and exciting.
    You will have wonderful fresh honey.
    Have a great new week.

  7. It's looking great Cecilia! Love that path!


  8. Everything is coming together. Love that red door too.

    1. thanks Sharon! The door does look good, doesn't it? I'm so happy with how it turned out!

  9. wonderful newsy post, clapclapclap. when you have a minute, pls tell me how you sited your happy hydrangea. i'm putting one in this year, but am waffling on the spot, as far as how much sun and shade, dappled shade or mostly full sun, etc. - any advice welcome. --suz in NE ohio

    1. Hi Suz! The hydrangea gets morning sun and dappled afternoon shade. I'm in Texas so we get hot, hot summers and only gets rain water or I water it deeply about every two weeks. It likes the sandy loam that has an acid ph. Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping in.


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