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Texas Coast Trip

We just got back from the coast - Port Aransas, TX - we (Bruce's brother Barry, Bruce, and myself) took my mother-in-law, Bonnie, to celebrate her birthday. We had the best weather ever with clean beaches and warm water! Perfection! We had a blast! I have lots of pictures to share. Hope you'll read to the end as I have two wonderful things to share with you! What's trip without a stop at Buc-ees? It was my first stop at this giant gas station/convenience store. It is something to experience. Trust me. hamming it up with Buc-ee  Finally, we got to Port Aransas. A quick ferry ride over and we're there! Bruce and Bonnie enjoying the ferry ride It was too early to go to the condo, so we found a place to eat lunch. Yum...our first taste of seafood! After checking into our condo, we headed to the beach - nice! The beach is going to be perfect! The guys grabbed their fishing gear and we changed into swimsuits and enjoyed the water! Barry, Bruce, and Bonnie

Awkward Layout Solved

I've been enjoying the all the Fall decor out there in blogland. It's pretty awesome. But can I confess something? I see all that pretty and I feel, well I mean, I know I shouldn't compare my house with others, but it's hard sometimes not to think, "oh, mine doesn't look as nice". Especially right now as this place is still a work in progress. But you know what? It doesn't have to be fancy or look like other places. I truly love this little house. Quirks and all.  We're making it ours and that's what matters. So, I'm really ok.  :o) Let's get on with it! Our farmhouse is a cozy 1250 sq. ft. house. Not tiny but smaller than what we have in the city. I don't mind...I'm ready at this stage in life to downsize. It was pure country when we found it. Brown paneling, brown cabinets, brown floor...lots of brown. Yay for paint! In the living room, the fireplace sits on a diagonal at one end, creating this awkward layout with

Fall and Happy Times

I did it; I caved in and pulled out my Fall decor yesterday. What can I say? I love Fall and I needed to do some serious dusting so why not switch out the decorations while I was at it? Ha. I've had these glass pumpkins forever - 1 large and 2 small. My twin sis gave them to many years ago. She bought them from Target.  I love how the candle light glows through the glass! I also added my owls - this mercury glass one is a favorite: Then I added sunflowers and Fall leaves to my galvanized flower bucket on the buffet: On the table, I added 3 more glass pumpkins I got shortly after my sister gave me the others. I placed them in a woven basket casserole carrier: For my place settings, I used my red plates from Pier 1 on my woodland chargers, adding these cute squirrel salad plates (also from Pier 1): Isn't he just the cutest thing ever? The farmhouse also got a dose of Fall. A big shout out to my friend, Mira, who helped me get the living room looking the way I w