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Baling Hay and Flowers

 After a rainy May and first week of June, we finally got the hay baled! It was hot, thirsty work. We ended up with 200 bales! Bruce did most of the work but I got to drive the truck around the field so he could load the bales, then I helped take them off the truck and load them in the barn. Whew. It was hot and humid!! Oh, true story - My mother-in-law was with us the weekend we baled. She actually helped too - the first evening I went to get eggs from a friend, she and Bruce stayed at the farm and she asked him if he was going to load any of the hay that evening? He said he was so she drove the truck and then climbed up in it and rolled the bales to the end so Bruce could stack them in the barn. He told her to act her age. Y'all! She's almost 81. I sure hope I'm going as strong as she is at that age! :o) I wish I had a picture of her doing that. ________________________________________________________________________________ With all the rain a

Update on BBQ Area

Hi friends! It's been awhile since I posted anything on the BBQ area. It's not finished but I thought I'd share what I've done so far. Even though I still need to paint the table and the cart, things look pretty good. I found a great metal sign in Canton and hung it on the fence: The "mosquito" plants have really filled in and grown: I made a wooden arrow and painted it, then hung it up on the shed. It sort of points at the BBQ pit. :o) The plants along the side area are happy. My Angel Wing Begonia is blooming away! And to help get plates, napkins and plasticware outside, I bought this cute tote from Hobby Lobby and a galvanized tray from Wal-Mart. They are perfect for carrying everything outside in one go. A mason jar holds the plasticware: A metal bee adds a touch of whimsy. Isn't he cute? Perfectly safe too - no stings from this guy! Solar lights hang on the umbrella and when it gets dark, they come on - red, green, and

Meeting Other Texas Bloggers and Misc. Happenings at the B Farm

Hello my friends! Is your summer starting off as busy as mine? Things have been rolling right along since the end of May. We spent the week from Memorial Day weekend through the first weekend of June at the farm. The plan was for Bruce to cut the hay and bale it, but it rained the entire week. So much for that! However we did get some other things taken care of - like finding windows for the art studio - On an afternoon with a break in the rain, we headed to Athens to a salvage place. We dug through lots of windows: And found 2 large matching windows and loaded them up: Here they are safely in the barn: Those guys are heavy. It was probably quite comical watching me trying to help Bruce unload them...or nerve-wracking - I'm not sure which it was! I was afraid I'd drop my end and break them. On another afternoon, we headed to Tyler to the countertop place and selected granite for the kitchen countertops: Mayfair White  Hopefully we can tackle that project th

For the Love of the Coast

I've had a love affair with the coast for a long time. The sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, the sand between my toes are all siren calls. Our hall bath was once decorated in a costal theme since we loved it so. Every year we'd go to the coast with my mom, my twin sister and her family. We'd go at Easter when the kids had a long weekend - mainly because my mom didn't like the extreme heat of the summer and partly because the rates were still low. "Beach Fun" by Cecilia Bramhall Then my mom passed away and it wasn't the same. In the last 14 years, I've been back maybe four times but it was hard. It reminded me of Mom and I missed her. Me and my mom looking for seashells When my son left for college, the coastal decor came down in the bathroom and it was given a new look. I let my daughter help pick out the shower curtain and all. But after 11 years, it looks tired and I'm ready to embrace the coastal look again - because let