Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baling Hay and Flowers

 After a rainy May and first week of June, we finally got the hay baled!

It was hot, thirsty work.

We ended up with 200 bales! Bruce did most of the work but I got to drive the truck around the field so he could load the bales, then I helped take them off the truck and load them in the barn. Whew. It was hot and humid!!

Oh, true story - My mother-in-law was with us the weekend we baled. She actually helped too - the first evening I went to get eggs from a friend, she and Bruce stayed at the farm and she asked him if he was going to load any of the hay that evening? He said he was so she drove the truck and then climbed up in it and rolled the bales to the end so Bruce could stack them in the barn. He told her to act her age. Y'all! She's almost 81. I sure hope I'm going as strong as she is at that age! :o) I wish I had a picture of her doing that.
With all the rain and now sunshine, the flowers are blooming away.

Pretty wildflowers:

Wild sweet pea:

My personal favorite is this blue one. It really is this blue!
Here's a close up - breath-taking!

And those in the flowerbeds and in containers:
 My white daylily is full of blooms this year!
"Jane Seymour" Daylily
I'm enjoying them while I can. Before long, it will be all I can do just to keep things watered much less keep them blooming. But for now, I'm finding joy in my garden, fields and woods.

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  1. Cecilia, this is all so beautiful! There's nothing prettier to me than seeing a tractor working in the field and bales of hay! It's just so Texas and that makes my heart feel good.

    You have beautiful flowers this year. I bet you have happy pollinators. :)

    Thanks for joining the garden party. Sharing on Facebook today.

  2. Good Afternoon my hard working friend!
    Oh goodness, I sure do love seeing these open fields of hay. Now, is this hay for feed? Doesn't it smell so good!
    If I shut my eyes, I can smell it and go back in time and oh what a joy that is.
    Ya'll are doing such a fantastic job and I am so tickled and happy for you.
    Now, your MIL-is a gal to be admired and yes, you will be doing the same thing only at 91!
    Got my recipe in the mail (sounds so good) and your pretty card of the bicycle.
    Thank you so much, you are the best!

  3. Love your gorgeous flowers, Cecilia and good for your MIL--I want that too! Hugs, Cecilia

  4. Your flowers are lovely. Loved hearing about baling hay and your MIL helping out.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. MIL had fun. We enjoyed having her there. :-)

  5. Oh Cecilia! Everything looks so beautiful, not the least of which is that tractor! Truly. It's the epitome of form life.

    Your MIL rocks :).


  6. Here's to hay! They are about to cut our back pasture. :)

    Happy summer to you!

    1. Don't you just love the smell of it? :-) pure Summer!

  7. Beautiful blooms and great photos of a working farm which I am sure is extremely hard work.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for following my new blog! I truly appreciate it!

  8. I've never seen wild sweet pea. It's gorgeous! Your post was like a lovely rose. Thank you for joining the garden party.

    1. Thank you, Laura. They are rambling all over the woods. Pretty cool looking. It's fun to discover what's blooming.

  9. Your MIL sounds like a fabulous lady



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