Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Decorating Part 1

The house is clean and the decorating done.

Bruce and I spent the weekend putting up all the Christmas decor - he did the outside and I did the inside.

We had a few detours along the way - a leaking disposal and wet under the sink area, leaky faucet, new dog house to build and paint, reshuffling of their kennel inside which meant unloading and moving the bookcases down. Not to mention having to put up all the Fall decor.

The new doghouse has a shelf on top so I can put a few items on it.
new doghouse with pumpkin leftover from Halloween lol

(Excuse the blurry phone pictures. I was in a hurry so just snapped a quick pic with my phone. Bad blogger I know.)

I'm loving my new has a pull out sprayer. Very snazzy!

It all got taken care of and now the city house is decked out for Christmas.

Let's start with the drink station.

I used my Christmas platter, red mugs, sugar bowl, and assorted drinks - hot chocolate mix, tea bags, and mulling spices for cider:

Marshmallows in a mason jar and of course the coffee pot and coffee:

And of course we need peppermint sticks to stir with:

All is ready to make a yummy hot drink to help keep you warm on a cold wintery night (or day). Come on over and we'll sit and share our favorite Christmas project while we sip on our drink of choice.

Please join me over the next several days as I share all the different areas here in the city. Starting next week, I will share the farmhouse. Let the Season begin!

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  1. Just a minute there Missy! You're not finished! You need to decorate the dog house. I'm thinking lights in the shape of dog biscuits, a wreath in the shape of a dog biscuit, and a sled in the shape of a, you guessed it, dog biscuit. Then inside, you need to have the real thing waiting for your fur babies. What kind of doggie mommy are you anyway??! ;) geeez Louise...

    1. haha, well this is only part one! Besides, they'd eat whatever decorations I put on it. They are still such puppies. :)

  2. Love your tree !
    There's no room for a tree in my living room in this new house so I have to live precariously through blogger friends this year lol
    Can't wait to see the tour of your neighborhood

    1. Thanks, Suzan! I think I put too many lights on it LOL. It is soooo bright. Like blinding - I've gotten comments from the family. I have lots to share so stay tuned!

  3. Nice decorations! However, what really caught my attention was the model of your faucet. It looks like a mini shower, and it is so cute. I'm sure it's super easy to use and comfortable too. Thank you for sharing that, Cecilia! I love the way you decorated your home! All the best to you

    Martha Ward @ Son-Rise Plumbing

    1. Thanks Martha! I love that has a pull out sprayer which is fantastic. Glad you stopped by.


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