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One Last Christmas Project

Are you ready? I am now! I had one last project to tackle before Christmas arrived.

The last thing on my list was to make a stocking holder. You see, I got tired of hanging our stockings from the mantel then having to move them when I made a fire.

So I decided to make one from some stuff I had laying around. I had a handful of old faucet handles and pieces of wood. All I had to do was to figure out the how.

All I can say is it involved really big bolts, JB Weld, and drilling holes big enough to put it all together.

I started with an old fence picket on top of a piece of pine and dry brushed it with red paint.

The faucet handles got a nut JB Welded to the back of them:

Then after drilling the holes, I inserted the bolts and screwed the handles on. Next I added some eye screws and wire for a hanger, hung it on the wall, then looped the stockings on the faucets handles:

I'm pleased with the way it turned out!

When the Christmas stuff comes down and gets packed away, I can use this f…

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Welcome! It's Christmas at the B Farm. This year again I'm using my woodland/rustic theme with my Nutcracker collection thrown in for fun!

On the front porch, the bench got a simple wreath and I put large ornaments nestled among greenery in the urns:

There is always joy to greet you when you walk in the front door:

My metal basket is filled with a wintery, woodsy look complete with burlap, of course:

The entry table also has on its Winter finery:

And the funky chickens are ready to p-a-r-t-y in their Santa hats:

Here's the tree with its woodland/rustic theme:

This year we used a bucket as part of the tree skirt then swirled some red burlap around that:

The fireplace has a snowy pine garland, burlap snowflakes, and several nutcrackers flanking my Christmas chalkboard:

The 2nd Annual Ornament Exchange

Hi everyone! This is my 2nd year to participate in Vicky's Annual Ornament Exchange.  It is so much fun...Vicky has us answer a short questionnaire, pairs us up and we send them an ornaments and usually a few other items.  And we make a couple of new blog friends.

Sherry from Thrift My House was the person I got. She's a sweetie and had no preferences for an ornament style. Whee! I got to have fun creating her something. Pop over and visit her here to see what I sent her.

Then I was contacted by Kelly of "Dreaming of Vintage" to let me know she had received my name and was mailing my ornament. Of course it came while we were on vacation. But my daughter was home to receive it so I had her open the box and snap a picture. Here's what she sent me:

Oh my goodness! A bunch of goodies all packed in a beautiful white basket with a red reindeer liner! I couldn't wait to get home and see all the goodies inside! Kelly did such a good job choosing things that fit my style…

Christmas Decor Part 3

Today I am showing off the last of my city decor. Let's start with the living room:
The tree:

All it needs is presents under it. I need to get busy wrapping! The cats will go, crazier. LOL.
My tree collection includes several yarn wrapped cone trees, a burlap tree, velvet ribbon tree and a  wooden tree with bells and a star:  The buffet with Santa tray, cute teapot, and candlescape:

And my Santa Claus vignette:

I've had fun setting everything up. I had to make up for not being able to do anything last year. :o)
I'll be sharing the farmhouse decor next. The chickens are dressed and ready to show you around. We'll see you soon!