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A Pillow, a Mat, Two Projects Needing Help

I was going to show you a couple of small projects I was working on but one didn't happen and the other hit a snag so instead I will show you some things I'm trying to figure out and the projects that did get finished.

A long time ago, my maternal grandfather owned a dairy. My mom had saved some of the milk cans, intending to spray paint them silver so they'd look like they did back then. I don't remember what exactly we talked about but somehow I ended up with one coming home with me in all it's rusty glory.

Whatever plans I had for it are long lost and now I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Do I leave it as is or paint it? I can see it with a cow/dairy graphic and maybe some white paint with some of the rusty area showing...or just a graphic on it all worn looking?

Another project I need to redo is the shadow box I put together after my mom died:

It holds a photo of her when she was about 18,
My beautiful mom!
some of her personal things - beaded purse:

her watch (which I actually took in to have fixed but it was beyond repair):


and things she loved and collected - salt cellar spoon(with a rose on it-she loved roses!):

hummingbird pin (one of her favorite birds):

sea shell(we spent many an Easter vacation at the beach with her):

Some of the pieces have come loose so I need to fix those. But I'm not sure  I like placement of the items. I think I'll take it all apart and play with where they go. Plus I kind of want to paint the frame blue as it was her favorite color. I plan on putting this in the guest room where I'm using her bedroom furniture. You can see the furniture in this post.

I did manage to finish 2 projects. One is a pillow I made for Bruce using a t-shirt that was given to him and too small for him to wear:
He didn't know I grabbed the t-shirt out of the giveaway pile to do this. He's thrilled with it and it now resides in his office.

Lastly, I repainted my kitchen mat...This is how it looked when I first painted it:
I got the idea from Roeshel over at the DIYShowOff. You can see her tutorial here.

But after two years of getting walked on, the paint had crackled and had worn off in some areas. I came up with a new design, painted the background with ASCP Old White,

drew my design with chalk, painted the chicken, then added the words and stars on the edges:

After drying, I put a coat of poly over it. It's good to have it back under foot and I like the new look.

That's it for now. I'd love to have feedback on the milk can and shadow box if you have any ideas. And hopefully, I can share the two other projects that didn't happen soon. Until next time, have a blessed weekend.


  1. You've been busy! I usually have several small projects going on at once as well. I finally finished one yesterday! I need to get some more started. I love the rug painting and the pillow was a neat idea for your hubby! I need to remember that for when mine has his own space. The shadow box is a lovely tribute to your mom and it will look lovely painted blue. I look forward to seeing it completed. Have a blessed weekend....Vicky

    1. Eeks, Vicky, I'm not sure I'd say I've been busy...all these things take me several weeks to finish- I start off with and bang then have to find the time to finish them. It just seems fast because I don't usually post about them until they're done. :-)
      I do hope I can figure out a good placement for the shadow box things. It feels too spread out right now. I'm not sure how soon I'll get to either project. There's always so much to take care of! Sorry, I'm stressing a bit this week but I'm looking forward to next week as my daughter gets to come home for a visit! Thanks for stopping by. You have a wonderfully blessed weekend too!

  2. Looks like you have been very the beautifully painted mat...and how great of have those precious treasures of your mom's displayed...look forward to see what you decide to do with them....I bet your hubby was surprised to see that t-shirt rescued and re-purposed to that great pillow...I have an old milk can in my I am curious to see what you will do with yours!...Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm struggling with figuring those projects out so it might take me awhile to hit on the right look for each. :-) thanks for stopping by, Shirley! Enjoy your weekend and visit!

  3. Love the floor mat. You've a knack for painting I see!
    I'd love to have a milk jug! I'd figure out something to do with it. Not sure what... but it would be neat.
    Who knows...maybe I stick RED, WHITE AND BLUE plastic flowers in it and paint it with an Eagle and Write Bicentennial! on it...just like my momma did!
    ...have a pleasant, not too humid weekend, my friend. It has been humid as all get out here!

    1. We've had humid, then rain, then pleasant for several days now. Not at all like normal Texas June-time weather. I'm loving it! I haven't had time at all do work on anything this week. Sad. Lol.
      Yes, I love to paint. This was a fun can find more of my serious stuff at Have a wonderful weekend, Pat!

    2. I was unaware of your painting on a professional level!
      I had a tour of your website...and my you have a whimsical side and knack for capturing the wonder of Christmas! the little tyke car 'bringing home Christmas'

  4. I like the milk can just the way it is, especially since your home has a rustic feel to it. Maybe just clean it up a bit. I even think I might add rust to it!

    Your moms mementos are lovely Cecilia. How nice that you have them. I like the placement of the purse and gloves, but the smaller items not so much. Maybe one item (the pin?) could be placed on the gloves so it would stand out a bit more. Try putting the other smaller items a little closer to each other and see if that feels more appealing to you.

    The mat is adorable, btw.

    Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!


    1. Thanks Doreen for your input! I love your suggestions for the shadow box...especially for the pin. I am going to try it out. I agree the smaller items were just too scattered. And I love the rustiness of the milk can too. I thought I'd try a very faded and worn graphic on one side. We'll see.
      And thanks - I think the mat turned out cute too!
      Hope you are having a very relaxing and refreshing weekend!

  5. Hi Cecilia! I just LOVE your chicken mat! Your painting is so much like folk art that I adore! I really like the idea of keeping your mom's favorite things together...things that remind you of her and what you did together. I may have to steal your idea and do this with some things that my mom and dad left behind. My uncle in Minnesota was a dairy farmer and I asked him many years ago if he had any old cans laying around. When my mom and dad went up for a trip, they brought back two for me. I just LOVE this reminder of him and his dairy farm, which I had the pleasure of seeing when I was just a little lass. I like the idea of keeping the can as it is, but if I could paint like you do, I'd probably keep most of the patina and paint just a big oval on the side with a graphic that says something like "Fresh Milk Available Daily." Please share when you're done! Hope the leg is doing well.


    1. Thanks Patty! That's cool you got two milk cans. I also need to do a shadow box with some of my Dad's things. It may have to be a custom one though; I haven't been able to find the size I need. I will share those and the milk can when done, promise!
      The knee is doing well. It seldom hurts and stairs are beginning to become manageable. Oh! My white daylily bloomed. It is in a pot so I did save it. If it makes seeds, I'll send them to you.
      Take care,

    2. oh, gosh... stairs! I'm lucky I didn't have too many places with stairs, but it took me a long time to get over being scared of curbs. Not all daylilies make seeds, so if you don't get a seed pod don't worry. I'll just sneak over one day and grab the pot! Tee hee !

  6. Love your chicken mat, it is fabulous. Wow, you are quite the artist. I had milk can bar stools with tractor seats when I lived in Oregon. The kids loved them.

    1. Thanks, Marty! I always doodled on everything! I think my school papers had more art on them than lesson but the teachers must of liked it because I never got in trouble for it. :o)
      I bet those stools were the coolest thing ever! What fun!

  7. Hey Cecilia! Love all of your heirlooms from your Mom. Your chicken mat is too cute! Thanks for connecting. Blessings, Cecilia

    1. Thank you, Cecilia ( haha, that feels funny to type my I'm talking to myself :D ). You're welcome! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. I love your milk can just the way it is. In fact, I faux painted mine to try and make it look old and rusty like yours; isn't that funny? I hope you'll share what you decide.I just love milk cans!

    1. Thanks, Laurel. I think it's going to stay rusty and if I can figure it our, a faded label. Still working that out. I don't want to overdo it!


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