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Fun Finds and a Visit

How much is that chicken in the window? The one with the adorable dots? How much is that chicken in the window? I want it lots and lots!

Cute, isn't it? And yes, it did come home with me. My twin sis and her husband, along with their border collie, Tag, came up to visit us at the farm. She and I went shopping in downtown Palestine while the guys cleared brush, trimmed a couple of trees in the front, and cleaned out Martin houses.

We found some really cool stuff -
A cute chicken mug:

Don't you love her kerchief? She makes me smile!

A metal heart ( I want to find some freeze-dried roses for it )

A old coffee tin and a Gingerbread-scented candle and of course, my chicken pitcher.
I can just see it in various places over the house.

I had Theresa hang up my husband's baby clothes on my clothesline in the laundry room as I can't climb a ladder yet, and no, I didn't take a picture of them. I forgot. Lol.

I also took a canvas painting someone was going to toss, repainted it with chalkboard paint ( can you have too much chalkboard? ), and then wrote wintery sayings on before hanging it over the mantle:

 I love it! I'll be changing it up each season. Oh what fun it's going to be!!

We really enjoyed our visit. The guys got to go flying with our neighbor in his little airplane:

 He flew them over the property and Bruce took pictures. How cool is that? You can see the barn, house, and shop:

In the next one, you can see the neighbor's vineyard to the left:

We also walked the dogs around the acreage - Tag is a good influence on my rowdy youngsters:

 He doesn't run off so we were able to let Buddy run leash free and Herbie only had to be leashed when we got close to the pond ( he tends to bolt after wild life ). Herbie did so much better in listening and staying when told. Ha, ha, I need to borrow Tag to show them what to do more often.

We had a great time with them.
Here Michael and Theresa are watching Bruce plant a couple of blueberry bushes:

Me and my twin sister:

You can see we are not identical.

As always, time flew by and it was time to leave and head back to the city. But until the next time, our memories will keep us smiling.



  1. Cecilia-
    I didn't know we are like neighbors! Not really, but we have to drive to Palestine for V.A. appts. for my Honey sometimes. It is a beautiful drive down that way.
    Anyway-- couple of things. Love the polka dot chicks. I've never been one for polka they're both cute.
    The overview of your property is amazing. We bought one of our property YEARS AGO... we've lived here 18 years and I'd love a new version of it. I also have the overview of my inlaws property from up in Arkansas. I was recently thinking of hanging them up together.
    Didn't know you were a twin... that is cool. Sounds like y'all had lots of fun!
    Stay warm... Pat

    1. Pat,
      Where exactly are you? I just love East Texas - it is so beautiful! I am very excited to have an aerial view of our place. It's really cool to see what it looks like from that view.
      We did have fun! :) we're thinking we need to do it again soon.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I didn't know you were a twin! Sounds like a fun day out with your sister...:) You found some great the heart! And...I really love the chalkboard you created. You have nice handwriting. I have such a hard time making mine look neat with chalk. Thanks for sharing all your finds...:) Have a blessed Wednesday night! Vicky

    1. Funny I never thought I had nice handwriting. I always feel like it's slanting or sloppy, lol. Guess when I really concentrate it comes out all right.
      What's really neat about the shop the heart came from is all the proceeds go to help girls get out of human trafficking. Shocking. Anyway, I'm glad to help in a small way.
      You have a blessed Wednesday night too, Vicky!

  3. Good morning, Cecilia. Love the little heart ! I think you need to have an old key hanging from it, too! How lucky you are to have a sister....and a twin to boot! I always wanted someone I could share secrets and clothes with. We also have martins houses, and this was a good reminder to help me get out there and clean them. They'll be here in just a few weeks ! I've never been a good hostess until a few years ago when I actually got involved in the caretaking of the birds and their nests. All the holes are numbered in three houses, and I make nest checks, then egg checks, then baby things progress. It's so cool to see it all as it happens! Regarding your chalkboard: I wouldn't have thought to use a canvas. I thought you'd have to paint something solid like a board in order to write on it easily with the chalk. Yours looks really cool ! A girlfriend gave me a jar of chalkboard paint for Christmas so I'm itching to use it. I'm thinking of making it inside a picture frame and hanging it in the kitchen to write my grocery list on as I think of things we need at the store. I actually have an old green school chalkboard but it's pretty big. I'm planning to put it in my craft room once I get it organized. My friend also gave me some colored chalk for this. Sounds like I've got a lot to do...I'd better get busy! Have a sweet day!

    1. The nice thing about canvas, Patty, is it comes in many sizes, you can use a cheaper one for the chalkboard ( or repurpose like I did), and it's lighter weight than a board. Is it smooth? No, but as you can see, the chalk still works. We'll see how well it erases.
      So, my twin and I are the youngest of six children - two boys and four girls. We never had the same tastes plus her coloring is so different from mine, our color choices don't go with the other's skin tone. Lol. It is nice to have sisters to share with...most of the time. ;) no, I love my sisters ( brothers too but we're talking girl stuff here). Ha.
      I have an antique looking key I'll probably use. I've been busy painting. Trying to get a painting done for a friend. I'm taking a break from it so I can go back fresh later. Have a fantastic day, too!

  4. Oh how nice to escape the city when you want and spend time on that wonderful farm with family…glad you and your sister had a great time shopping while the guys did the chores :).
    Loved the aerial photos...

  5. It's wonderful, Shirley! It is so hard to return to the city though. I'm really looking forward to the move three years down the road. Haha, I think we got the better end of the time we're going to time it with Canton's First Monday Market Days!
    I love seeing what the farm looks like from the air! So cool. Have a great week!

  6. Cecilia, it sounds like you have been blessed with a loving, close family, and how nice you get to spend such quality time with them at your gorgeous farm. I have always loved polka dots. I would have snatched it up too!

    1. Yes, Doreen, I have! I am grateful to my parents for instilling that love into us. I know they will always be there for me and I for them! Are we perfect? By no means! We have had our ups and downs, fought like cats and dogs, but always, always know we will be there when it matters. And I'm happy to share my farm with them!
      Isn't it the cutest ever? I love that chicken pitcher!! It helped that it wasn't very expensive. LOL.

  7. What a fun visit! I love that dotted chicken, I think I would have needed to bring it home, also!

    1. We really did have a blast! I never thought I'd be so crazy about chickens. Lol. But I do and the dotted one may just be my new favorite!


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