Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Project Out of My Stash and Master Bedroom "Love" Vignette

Like everyone else, I'm trying to organize my spaces. I'm also trying to cross projects off my list and take care of some of those that have been languishing for awhile. One of those is a "Key to My Heart" project. I have seen some really nice ones on Pinterest and have wanted to make one. So when  I found a heart-shaped jello mold at GoodWill, I knew it was perfect for what I had in mind.

I wanted it to look rustic, so I spray painted it matte silver and sprinkled cinnamon on it while it was still wet. ( looks like rust!) Ta-da! A rusty heart.

Next, I had this fake lock and key from a purse I'd bought so I glued the lock in the center of the heart. The key dangles from that.

Then I made a tag using a brown paper bag and scrapbook paper. I tied it on with a burlap string.

In my bedroom, I have a wall dedicated to us and love. I added the rusty heart to it:

It has pictures ( some from our 30th Anniversary photo shoot ):

Close up of picture...with "I love you" sign clipped onto branch


A postcard my grandfather sent his first wife before they were married (she died in childbirth):

And signs with sweet sayings:
Printed on burlap

On the couch below, my teddy bear sits - it was the very first thing my husband bought me when we were dating...I can't believe it's lasted this long (35 years!).

So, that's my "Love" wall. I'm liking what my "Key to My Heart" adds to it. And if you noticed the pillows on the couch, I am going to recover those. Our room has been fairly girly and Bruce has been a good sport about it. I am trying to make it more gender neutral. The pillows will be one way for me to pull in something Bruce will like.

Stay tuned for that and other which will be the master bedroom closet. Yikes, it's time to get that baby organized!

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  1. I love your love wall and am going to borrow this idea! We already have an Always Kiss Me Goodnight picture hanging over our bed and I am going to add to it and make a sweet little love vignette. Yours is so sweet...:) I love how your heart turned out and the cinnamon really does look like!

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Thanks Vicky! Borrow away! :) my sister has the 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight''s what got me started on this wall. Then I found the 'No Matter What' sign - I had to paint the frame as it was bright blue and I've been adding to it ever since! So glad you like my wall. Isn't the cinnamon a neat trick?

  2. Your project caught my eye! I'd love for you to share your heart at my new link party.
    Thrifty Life Thursday at Revisionary Life
    All the best,

    1. Oh! I'd be happy too. Thanks for stopping by and for the invite. I'll pop over and join the party!

  3. I love your heart with the lock and key! I collect hearts and actually have many of these jello molds as I plan to use them for molds to make cement stones for my garden.♥♫

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Glad you like it. I like your idea for making garden stones. I hope you'll come back and share when you do.

  4. Love that rust idea! I am pinning and doing this. Your LOVE wall is so sweet. My favorite is the postcard of your grandfather's.

    1. I can't remember where I read about the cinnamon as rust idea...sure wish I did so I could give credit. Amazing how real it looks too.
      Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments. I do love the old postcard - I actually have several that he sent her. I guess she had saved them and then he kept them to remember her by.

  5. This is such a great idea! I love how your "key to my heart" turned out, and it's perfect for your love wall!
    Thank you so much for stopping by,
    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks, Mary Alice. I'm so glad you like it.


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