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Fun Finds and a Visit

How much is that chicken in the window? The one with the adorable dots? How much is that chicken in the window? I want it lots and lots! Cute, isn't it? And yes, it did come home with me. My twin sis and her husband, along with their border collie, Tag, came up to visit us at the farm. She and I went shopping in downtown Palestine while the guys cleared brush, trimmed a couple of trees in the front, and cleaned out Martin houses. We found some really cool stuff - A cute chicken mug: Don't you love her kerchief? She makes me smile! A metal heart ( I want to find some freeze-dried roses for it ) A old coffee tin and a Gingerbread-scented candle and of course, my chicken pitcher. I can just see it in various places over the house. I had Theresa hang up my husband's baby clothes on my clothesline in the laundry room as I can't climb a ladder yet, and no, I didn't take a picture of them. I forgot. Lol. I also took a canvas painting someone was go

First Project Out of My Stash and Master Bedroom "Love" Vignette

Like everyone else, I'm trying to organize my spaces. I'm also trying to cross projects off my list and take care of some of those that have been languishing for awhile. One of those is a "Key to My Heart" project. I have seen some really nice ones on Pinterest and have wanted to make one. So when  I found a heart-shaped jello mold at GoodWill, I knew it was perfect for what I had in mind. I wanted it to look rustic, so I spray painted it matte silver and sprinkled cinnamon on it while it was still wet. ( looks like rust!) Ta-da! A rusty heart. Next, I had this fake lock and key from a purse I'd bought so I glued the lock in the center of the heart. The key dangles from that. Then I made a tag using a brown paper bag and scrapbook paper. I tied it on with a burlap string. In my bedroom, I have a wall dedicated to us and love. I added the rusty heart to it: It has pictures ( some from our 30th Anniversary photo shoot ): C

Initial Door Hanging

I really like the large Initial Wreaths I've been seeing on Pinterest and other blogs, so I made me one. It was super easy…I bought the "B" from Hobby Lobby - it was painted black so I just gave it two coats of ASCP in Old White. I then added the established date and after tracing it onto the letter, filled it in with a Sharpie pen. I then tied a burlap bow around it and stuck a frosty pine branch pick in. Voila! I can switch the pick out with different ones for different seasons if I wish. Gotta love easy and multi-use! :o) On another note, when I was painting the hallway, I had Bruce remove the doorbell box as it didn't work and we really didn't need it. Anyway, Bruce got a what I call a dinner bell for Christmas - it was perfect for the farmhouse so he hung it up by the front door. Clang, clang! It rings pretty loud and the house is small so it makes a great substitution for the doorbell. See why I think it's perfect? So come on by…if

Winter Decorating

 We got to spend several days up at the farm from Christmas night to the following Monday. Peaceful bliss… We always get the most beautiful sunsets ( sunrises too, if I get up early enough to see them - lol )… The colors deepen as the sun sets further The pond is still full but the leaves have all fallen off the trees…. which meant we got to rake up leaves :o) but it was good exercise and I got to practice balancing and walking without crutches (still supposed to use them but my therapist suggested I not use them at home). I think she meant inside but I did outside too - carefully. Inside, I took down all the Christmas decorations but left out wintery stuff. The burlap snowflakes I made for the tree ( see  here  ) got repurposed for the mantel - I made two more slightly larger ones for the end: Cozy fire…so enjoyed the fire the entire time we were there! ( Notice the smudging on the fireplace? I'm not sure what the previous owners used on it but