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Happy New Year

Wishing you the best for 2014…May your year be blessed with love, laughter, family, and friends. Blessings, Cecilia

Maybe Next Christmas?

I had grand plans for this Christmas….Lots of decorating and crafting... Still in the box Waiting to be hung Needs to be finished This too…wanted to have several done to give as party favors And I was going to make a forest of fence board trees…(I cut 5 out )... Paint this Santa that's been cut out for ages ( another project that never got completed and forgotten each year )…. Have every room decorated to the both houses! It didn't happen! The farm bathroom looks pretty good though It seems like the farmhouse got more done to it than the city house…but then, it's smaller. Host a party with great food and company ( oh yeah, I did do that one! Enjoyed having my siblings and families at the farm this past weekend ! ) Menu on the chalkboard wall My niece was the only one to leave a message on the chalkboard. LOL, way to go Leslie! on a side note: We played the Christmas Exchange Game with Funny Gifts…I ende

Ornament Exchange Goodies!

I was very excited to join in with Vicky from  Life On Willie Mae Lane  for her ornament exchange. I received mine shortly after I broke my knee so it really lifted my spirits when I got my box. I couldn't wait to open it and see what I got! It was from a lady in Colorado, Dee Ann. I believe she is the grandmother of Stephanie from  The Enchanting Rose . While not having her own blog, she wanted to be a part of the fun. I'm so glad she did! She sent me the sweetest note along with my well-wrapped ornaments. Thank you Dee Ann - they arrived safely and I just love them! First off, was this adorable moose family. Check out the antlers! Perfect for my rustic, woodland theme. Next, securely wrapped in bubble wrap, was an adorable glass ornament with  sledding reindeer inside. It is so cute! I nestled it and the moose into the greenery on my entry table - I wanted them both to be seen right away! The last item in my box was the cutest wooden bowl ever! Dee Ann knew

B Farm Christmas Decorating

My Christmas decorations are a lot less this year…. It's hard to do things with a broken knee. I've had to rely on others to do the climbing and kneeling and reaching…it has been frustrating for me as I love to do it all. Fortunately, I've had good help - my son and daughter, husband, and my twin sister.  Still, I just kept it simple this year. Didn't want to overtax my help. :o) The mantle has my new ornament wreath and my twine cone trees... See the little figure on the mantle? It was from my mom, many years ago. It is a sweet reminder of her. I used kitchen twine and hemp twine to wrap the cones. I like the rustic look they provide. The kitchen window has this: The entry table lamp got dressed up with some greenery and a Ho-Ho-Ho Candy Cane:  The hearth has my homemade  wreath stand  and wreath along with my primitive stitchery and fanciful birdhouse that belonged to my oldest brother: I like the saying on my stitche