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Tweaking the Entry

As I sit here typing, I am listening to a sound I haven't heard in a long while... Rain. My backyard here in the city actually has a small lake in it: As you can tell from the picture, the drought and the puppies have been hard on my poor yard. The grass is gone pretty much right off the patio. It's a trade off though - sweet pups or grass...and I'd rather have the dogs as they bring me such joy. Anyhow, the grass can be replaced when they calm down. :o) Here at the farm, I am tweaking my entryway. I'm still trying to get it to look "right". It's hard as it's all part of the living room - and that is not all that big. You can see a good picture of it here.  Right now it looks bare and I'm having a hard time making it feel warm and welcoming.  I know it's a process, but sometimes my frustration level goes up. I do have a plan in my head for when we move and bring the rest of our furniture up but until then I am tweaking and hoping to hit