Friday, September 20, 2013

Tweaking the Entry

As I sit here typing, I am listening to a sound I haven't heard in a long while...
Rain. My backyard here in the city actually has a small lake in it:
As you can tell from the picture, the drought and the puppies have been hard on my poor yard. The grass is gone pretty much right off the patio. It's a trade off though - sweet pups or grass...and I'd rather have the dogs as they bring me such joy. Anyhow, the grass can be replaced when they calm down. :o)

Here at the farm, I am tweaking my entryway. I'm still trying to get it to look "right". It's hard as it's all part of the living room - and that is not all that big. You can see a good picture of it here. Right now it looks bare and I'm having a hard time making it feel warm and welcoming.  I know it's a process, but sometimes my frustration level goes up. I do have a plan in my head for when we move and bring the rest of our furniture up but until then I am tweaking and hoping to hit on a good balance.This is what it looks like right now:
With the door closed:

With it opened:

Anyway, I pulled all the pictures off the wall, patched the holes in the paneling and touched up the paint. I wanted to use this old window:

So I cleaned it and brushed the peeling paint off then propped it up on the table. Next, I draped a leaf garland around it, then hung my little twig wreath from the window latch. The tabletop also got refreshed. I kept the chickens but added a sunflower spray and just simplified what else was on it. 

Twig wreath:

The chalkboard plate also got a new message: Please Hurry Fall!  Yes, please. The heat is wearing me out. I'm looking forward to that first cold front that blows through and drops our temperatures down into the 70's and 80's. (Hopefully tonight!) Hey here in the South, we take what we can get! :o)

I've decided I need a runner in front of the entry table so I'm off to Home Depot to see if they have one that goes with the rug I got for the living room. I'm thinking it will help pull the two spaces together and make the entry table feel like it's not floating in space. 

So, that's where it's at for now. This little guy wants you to have a happy Fall:

Oops! I guess I need a bow or something to hide the fine looking hook. :o/

And these two are waiting to welcome you too:

So how do you make your room without an entryway feel like it has one?



  1. Your so ready for Fall Cecilia! Love the Window pane art you added - perfect! Mine is not as pretty as yours, more Halloween than anything. :-)

    1. Thank you! I'll switch or add Halloween stuff soon.

  2. I really like the old window. It's perfect. And your precious dogs make it a perfect entryway!

  3. That looks just like my yard this morning when I awoke. Don't know where you live...but I'm in Texas...and we have drought, dirt, and dogs. (and the dreaded grasshopper), I'm living in a mud hole. But, that's ok. The grounds will soak it up and the grass will grow.
    my living room and entry are the same... one big area. Your's looks pretty.
    The pups want out!

    1. Pat, yes, I'm in Texas. Close to Austin. Love, love love the rain! Yes, they do want out...they love to play in the rain.

  4. It looks beautiful Cecilia!!!
    LOVE the leaf garland and that window is just fantastic!
    Loving the dogs looking out the window too - that's just too adorable for words!

    1. Thank you Suzan! They wanted to go out and see what Bruce was doing...I thought they were cute. Yikes you should see the mud right now...they need a bath!

  5. Well, you know how I feel about your pooches! Soooooo sweet!

    To answer your question about entryways, I've seen lots of articles about that, but the short version is to have some sort of small table. It helps to break up the space and provides a convenient place to drop keys, etc.

    Your window looks so pretty! You've gone all out with Fall decorating and it looks so festive Cecilia!

    1. I need to play with the furniture arrangement. I googled it and found some helpful tips ( yours was mentioned, Doreen!). Thanks for the tip and sweet comments.

      Yeah, aren't they adorable?

  6. As you said, it is a process...I am sure the room will all come together especially when you are able to bring more of your furniture into the house....I so love your Fall decor...the window is fantastic!...Love seeing the pups!!!!

    1. It's a great window, isn't it? Yes, I know everything will be more together when I can use all my stuff. Sometimes I get impatient and just need reminding. I appreciate you and your encouragement!
      They are sweet boys! Hard to believe they are almost a year. So much has happened!


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