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The B Farm: The finished bathroom

The B Farm: The finished bathroom : Hey everyone! As promised, here is the finished bathroom: painted cabinet, burlap shower curtain and window topper, candle holder... so much better painted white I've added art on the wall since I took this picture It looks so much better! I used Benjamin Moore's Calm on the woodwork and Behr's Creamy Mushroom on the walls. ah, soothing! I found the cutest prints to hang on the wall. They are spa product pictures but with dogs. Very cute! I put them in red frames as red is my accent color in here. I need to take a photo of them. They really add to the feel of the bath. I'm going to make a mason jar soap dispenser too. Trying to keep a rustic vibe going without being too country. As much as I'd like to update the counters in the house, these aren't in bad shape so they'll stay for now. At least they're neutral. Thanks for stopping by at the B Farm. See you next time!

An outdated bathroom

 Like I said last time, the house needs TLC and updating. Especially the bathroom - we're talking dark rose bead board, purply-pink cabinet, and wall paper. Yuck. Take a look: check out the ceiling fan and yes, that's a wine rack. yikes! rose bead board and a purply-pink cabinet There are a few good things - nice hardware, pretty stained door and window trim, and I like the mirror. However, the curtain, shower curtain, ceiling fan, and wine rack (it's too small to hold towels) have to go. Needless to say, this is the first room I am tackling. So to work I go. First I clean: cabinet doors removed - everything is so dusty!   Next I strip the wallpaper. Thankfully it's a small bathroom: starting to remove wallpaper Then I prime the woodwork: ceiling fan is gone - replaced with a simple light fixture - much better! Wood is primed. That was it for day one. Already looking better with the rose paint covered up and the wallpaper removed. Th

Welcome to the B Farm

Welcome to the B Farm! We just bought what will be a get-away place for now, a sweet little farm of 31 beautiful acres.  It has a small house in need of TLC and updating,                       a barn (or as my husband likes to say- future art studio), and a shop for the hubby.  When we first saw it, we fell completely in love.  I immediately began to decorate the house in my head....anyone else ever do that? I have dreams of owning chickens, cows, and a horse or two. In the meantime, there's a lot of work to be done so come along and see what we do.