Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turning a Dresser Into A Media Console

My schedule the past month has been crazy. I took a photography class to learn how to use my camera and get comfortable with it,

plus I work out with a personal trainer 3x a week - twice for strength training and one for boxing (great stress reliever!), a Bible class. and of course, art class.

It wasn't leaving much time for me to get things done around the house or to work on projects needing to be done. I finally had to rework my schedule to allow some breathing room. Fortunately, the photography class ended and I was able to move my Tuesday workout to another day. Now I have some big blocks of time open for house stuff and projects. whew!

One of my projects is this dresser:

It belonged to my son, but when he moved, it was too big for his apartment. I thought we'd sold it a couple of times, but they each fell through. Then a friend just happened to mention she was looking for a long dresser or buffet to turn into a TV console.

Hm, what size? Well, this one was almost exactly the size she was looking for! I sent her a picture and she decided yes! She then asked if I'd paint it for her. Sure!

She wanted red which thrills me...I love red! She chose Dark Crimson. I think it's going to be beautiful!

She wants shelves where the two top middle drawers are so I went yesterday with my measurements and got the wood for them. Fortunately, the drawer glides were easy to remove. And I got everything sanded so it's ready for paint.

I can't wait to start the actual painting! I know those other steps are important but I'm eager to see how it turns out. So tomorrow I'm priming it and hopefully getting the first coat of red on. I should have it done by Tuesday of next week. Stay tuned for the final reveal.

Until the next time - have a wonderful and blessed weekend!