Friday, February 12, 2016

Making a Truck Seat Cover

We have an extended cab pickup truck. It's what we normally drive to the farm in. Bruce and I sit up front and Buddy and Herbie get to ride in the back seat.


They like having a whole seat to themselves. (Although I'm pretty sure either one of them would happily sit in my lap...all 50+ pounds of them). heh.

We had a moving blanket I attached straps to that we would cover the back seat with but when the dogs were puppies they would chew on it. Over time, it got pretty full of holes. Oh puppies! We finally had to throw it away.

Lately, we've just been throwing a sheet on the seat but that doesn't protect the seat back. The dogs have loads of fun running, swimming in the pond, and digging at the farm so they are often pretty dirty when we load them up to return to the city. (And yes, if they are really nasty, they get a bath before heading back. Often, it's just loads of sand hiding in their coats).

The back seat had thus gotten pretty grungy. I spent a day cleaning it for Bruce then decided I needed to make a new cover. Why make one? First of all, ready made ones are pretty expensive and finding the right size has been difficult. I grabbed my tape measure and notepad and measured the seat.

Then I drew out a diagram of my cuts. It's not pretty or neat but it works for me.

Next,  I headed to the fabric store hoping to find the perfect (and cheap) fabric. Sure enough in the clearance area, I found one for $7/yd. Perfect! Not fuzzy or super soft that might encourage chewing.

I only needed 2 1/2 yards but bought 3 just in case I messed up.  Following my drawing, I cut all my pieces...

Started sewing...I wasn't worried about perfection - I just wanted a pretty good fit.

And almost 4 hours later, I had a seat cover!

It wasn't difficult; just time-consuming as I had to finish all the edges to prevent raveling. Now the seat will stay cleaner and we'll have less cleanup of the truck. I'd say that's a win!

I can't wait for Bruce to see it. :o)

I hope you have a great weekend! Hopefully, you have Monday off and will get to do something fun. Until next time!