Monday, September 29, 2014

Porch Decorating For Fall

   I am so behind on getting my porches decorated for Fall but I finally got them done this past weekend.

 First of all, the city porch. Here I don't have to worry about wildlife eating the plants and decor so I placed pumpkins, gourds, and mums:

My metal donkey, Ee-ah, approves:

Gourds in the lanterns:

Then I put my landscape timber scarecrow out I made many, many years ago. He's been freshened up a time or two and probably could stand another refresh but for this year, he's fine. He holds his friend, the cloth black crow:

Do you see Petey, the armadillo? He has a strand of lights inside to make him shine at night.
I love my metal critters.
And that is the city porch.

At the farm, it's a different story. Since we're not there full-time, I don't want to leave anything out that the deer will eat or the weather ruin.

I started with a real white pumpkin on the table next to the bench then I cozied it up with a autumn throw. Throw in a cup of hot tea and a magazine and I'm set for some quiet time:

Of course, it was only cool enough for the throw in the morning but it was soft to lean against. :o) It's all easy to move back inside when not in use.

The reversible Fall/Halloween sign got hung on the door and says it all:

I may or may not have fake pumpkins in urns on either side of the front door. Ok, I do, but they looked so fake I didn't take a picture of them. I need to faux paint them before I show them. :o)

And that, my friends, is my front porch decor. Soon I'll be flipping the sign over for Halloween and adding spooky touches here and there.

Is your porch done?