Monday, July 14, 2014

Memory Shadow Box Makeover

Y'all, I had an epic "finishing the project" fail. It all started with me wanting to redo my mom's Memory Shadow Box and so I started a post to share it with you all. Here's how it all went down:

Mom's birthday was the 6th. She would have been 85. She's been gone 12 years and I still miss her so much. I really want to sit down with her and ask her how she managed six children, ask her questions I never thought to ask until now. Somehow the time seemed right to remake her memory shadow box.  I shared it  here a couple of weeks ago.

I've really wanted to redo it for awhile now. The items weren't placed in the best configuration and I was tired of the golden oak frame. So I took it apart and started playing with the placement of items.

I left the beaded purse where it was, moved the gloves, and completely rearranged the rest.

It was better but it still needed something so I started looking to see what else of Mom's I had. I found this sweet little angel in a box of her Christmas ornaments. She loved angels. I don't know who gave her this one but she's pretty and the color goes well with the rest of the items in the box.

hmmm, still needs something down in the left-hand corner:

I decided to add a sand dollar as the coast was such a large part of vacations and memories we have of her. We always went looking for these and were thrilled when we found them. It is the perfect touch, I think.

The frame got a coat of Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue after I taped off the glass (I couldn't remove it as it was glued into the frame). It's really a soft aqua but it goes with the other blues in the guest room where I have her bedroom furniture. Then I put it all back together.

I love the sweet memories it brings to mind and I think I will put it above the dresser in the guest room when we go to the farm this weekend....

And this my friends is where I failed. I had everything in a pile by the front door for Bruce to load up except the shadow box...I didn't want it to get broken. Yep, I went off and left it and by the time we got to the farm, I realized I had forgotten to pick it up. So I don't have a final picture to show you of where I placed it. All I can do is show you where I might of placed it:

Or the place I left it for safety's sake. Sigh:
It's still there

But isn't it lovely?

Sadly, the color on the frame doesn't show up very well in this picture. Perhaps the next time we go to the farm, I won't forget it and then when I hang it, I will get a better picture.

And that is my story of my epic fail.

Until next time,


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