Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wood Signs For Back Porch

Now that I have the porch all refreshed, I wanted to add some wooden signs to it. Of course, I have my arrow pointing to it, declaring it to be a "Happy Place".

This one was easy to make. I started off with an old fence board cut to the length I wanted, then cut a point and "feathers" for it, glued it together, then when dry, painted it.

For the post, I used an old spindle a friend gave me. It's just been sitting in my wood stash waiting for the perfect use for it.

Next I made a "Welcome" sign. I had my "EAT" sign from the dining room I was no longer using. I took the letters off,

repainted it red, and painted my words freehand. I like how it turned out. Perfectly imperfect!

Next up, I made a "porch sayings" sign. I nailed several old pickets together, painted the background with a Sun motif then again free-handed my words.

Just need to hang it up next visit and it will almost be time for a party. Well, as soon as I finish the drink station. Just a few more tweaks and I'll be ready to share!