Monday, May 23, 2016

Canton Finds

I found some great items when we went to Canton this last time. The weather was iffy but we managed to get some serious shopping done before the rain shut everything down.

Right off the bat, I found a folding rack (only $6 and I have a great plan for it!) and some red glass saucers ($3) that I'll use in the bathroom to put soap and the toothbrush holder on,

and these beautiful red salt and pepper shakers (also $3):

Next I found an old chippy door & a cabinet door with wire inset. As I stood there debating, the vendor offered both to me for $30. Ok sure. We left them there to pick up on our way out.

Next, Jay found a bicycle for $25. He will fix it all up and make it work great. He also found a really nice camera tripod for a very reasonable price plus some other treasures.

Then I found this old media cart. One wheel was bent and it is a little rusty but the lady had $15 on it. As I looked it over, she told me I could have it for $12. As most of the ones I've seen are $45, you can bet I said I'd take it. Nothing a little work can't fix and it's just what I want for the bbq patio.

We decided it was time to return to the truck to unload the small items plus the bike and cart:

That done we found lunch then walked around some more. My neighbor asked me to look for half a windmill but the ones I found were out of her price range. Then we spied this reproduction one in the new metal art. The price was right and the size perfect. After consulting with her by phone, I bought it for her.

 By now, it was starting to rain so we decided to pick up my doors and head back to the farm. It was a good thing too because it poured on us as we drove back.

Next morning the sun was shining so our daughter, her boyfriend, and my husband Bruce joined us in going back. I bought a duck decoy for the pond,
and a chicken line feeder for the art studio (it's going to make a very unique light fixture!),

Bruce bought a big bottle of vanilla for his mom, and the kids found a few small things as well. We had a blast and headed back after some lunch.

I took my duck decoy and tossed it in the pond. The dogs weren't sure what to think of it. They were so funny with it.

Shopping in Canton is seriously addicting (yes, I admit it!). You never know what you'll find. Sometimes you get lucky and find a lot, other times not so much. But the thrill of the hunt keeps me coming back. It's a great spot not only for inspiration, but finding items for projects as well. All and all, I'd say this trip was a great success!
The two doors and the chicken line feeder
aka my new light hanging out in the barn