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The Day My Vanity Stumbled

The summer of 2015 was the summer of the bathroom remodel because I found this: That amazing chippy white buffet was going to be my new vanity. You see, Bruce told me if I could find a dresser or other piece of furniture to turn into a vanity, we could start on the bathroom remodel.  He thought it would take me months, maybe even years to find the right piece. Ha. He should know me better by now. I searched junk stores and vintage stores and even checked out a couple of antique places. Nothing. Then Canton First Market Days rolled around. And as I was walking, looking at all the wonderful stuff in the flea market area, I spied it. A few minutes later it was mine and Bruce was on his way with the truck. Before Bruce cut the hole for the sink, I had to get it ready. And that's where the vanity stumbled and almost fell.  You can read all about it  here . I was oh so close. But fortunately, the story has a happy ending and that stumbling vanity? Now it d

Flower Making, Other Stuff and A Winner!

We had a flower making party yesterday. I only snapped a few pictures with my phone because, you know, I was supposed to be working on flowers. Lol! Megan is in the purple shirt...I seem to have caught her looking away each time. :) We made a pretty good dent. A big thank you to all who helped! Last week was kind of crazy...I finally went to see about my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and not only did I get a cortisone shot but he sent me to physical therapy so Monday and Friday I did that, Tuesday and Wednesday was spent in San Antonio for my aunt's funeral, and Thursday was my son's 30th birthday. On top of that, I've been finishing up a painting commission. Happy Birthday, Jay!  Bruce has also started painting the city house exterior. Seeing the fresh paint really made me realize how much we've needed to tackle this. (Can you say faded?) It looks great and I'm loving the neutral color scheme. I also realized I've had the perfect color a

Patio Pallet Table and An Awesome Giveaway!

 Hello, sweet friends. Today I am sharing a project that was done in April. It is way overdue but with wedding stuff, I totally forgot to post about it. (#soclosetoamazing) Be sure to read to the end where I have a fantastic giveaway to share with you! Let's get going then, shall we? Last year when we replanted the backyard from the puppy destruction years, we were left with two wooden pallets. I told Bruce we had to save them. Although he grumbled a little, they finally made their way to the farm where they...sat. Then I saw this and instantly had visions of a similar one on my patio! I mean, how cool is that? I didn't need it to hold an umbrella but that! I was going to make it a lot sooner but my patio isn't big and a full pallet took up way too much room so I needed it cut in half. But at that time, I didn't have the right tools. So again, they sat. Finally, I ask Bruce