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Floor Reveal

The floors at the city house make one project down and how many to go? I don't know; I've lost count. 😬 But that's ok, we're plugging along, getting them done. I've been cutting out Megan's paper flowers so she can concentrate on putting them together. I'm so proud of her and Dylan for working hard to keep the wedding at a reasonable cost! They've been awesome! Almost have all the red ones cut out, then it will be on to the teal ones. White and yellow are done! (I think there is another white one and a purple one to do still.) Anyway, I left you with the new floor install, promising to come back and share the final reveal. Here's the photo I shared of the floors going in: And here's an after - Bruce jumped in and helped paint the molding so I was able to put the living and dining rooms back together: It was nice having the spaces empty and being able to reset everything. I rather enjoyed it being pared down so I decided

Trying To Keep Up

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately and that makes me feel a little guilty. My stresses are not bad, they  are truly good things. I'm not watching anyone struggle with a horrible illness or anything bad. Life is just going full steam ahead and I'm running as hard as I can to keep up. The farm is truly a place I can catch my breath even though there is much going on there. There is something peaceful in the tending of flowerbeds, chopping out sticker burrs, or helping Bruce with the wedding/art studio projects. I'm trying hard to learn the business end of my art while trying to continue to paint and be creative. It's been overwhelming for this introvert at the sheer amount of information being thrown my way. It's good but I feel like I'm falling further and further behind. I need time to work through it at a pace that doesn't overwhelm me. On top of that is all the things our city house needs...taking care of two places has been t

Updates on Wedding Spot and Studio

I thought I'd show you what the Wedding Spot is looking like nowadays...we mow each time we're there. Megan and Dylan will stand under the two big trees with the chairs set up along the flat area in front: Here's what the area where the chairs will be set up looks like looking out from the trees: Unfortunately, there are plenty of these in the non mowed areas and why we are telling people to not wear shoes with open toes:  Sticker burrs! They hurt! But I've been chopping them out on the hill and Megan and Dylan came up and also chopped them out along the pathway. It's hot, sweaty work but very satisfying! ha. I hate sticker burrs! We'll get them yet. And the whole area will be mowed right before the wedding so they should, at least, not be sticking up. the red ones are dry and hard  Bruce mows along the grapevine row where the reception tent is going plus all the pathways as well: The fence is the backyard fence. Things are green and grow

A Texas Anniversary Trip - Part 2

So last week, I left y'all at the end of day 1 of our trip and with the promise to show you our cottage. Y'all. It was too cute for words! I found it online. Here she is: Abby's Guesthouse !  There's a lot of pictures of the inside so I'll share most of them in a collage. Here's how the website describes the cottage:  Abby's melds the French seaside with modern and vintage design for the perfect calming getaway. Here's what you see when you walk in the front door: A bigger picture of the living room And a close up of the shells/starfish hanging beside the large picture:  The bedroom was just dreamy. That chandelier! It reminded me of a jellyfish (but in a good way!):  It had a cute kitchenette: And a pool in the backyard for guests to use! Since it's only for two people, we had the pool to ourselves. What a treat! It was close enough to downtown shopping and restaurants but far enough down to be quiet. We loved it!