Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making Progress

Things are growing and filling in the flowerbeds at the farm. This is the back bed along garage. The mint is going crazy! The green swimming pool is for the dogs to cool off in 😊

Another view of the back bed - the edging I found buried under the dirt by the driveway!

Another view further back - of the driveway bed (on the right). Farm Road sign is from Canton. I'm thinking about changing the "1" into a "B" so it says "Farm Road B" for the B Farm, of course!
Lantanas in bloom

The studio has been wired and insulation installed

The floor needs to be redone where the workbench is going plus Bruce needs to build a big door to go between the studio and workbench area.

The fire pit has been redone (it was torn up for brick to use for the walkway to the studio)😀
rebuild in progress!
The bees are thriving:

And mowing happens at the "Spot" and reception areas to groom the grounds every.single.time.we're. there!
Reception tent going on the left side of the fence line
Things are progressing nicely and everything should look nice in October for the wedding. It's a happy time for us as we prepare and get things ready.
In other news, we got a new refrigerator. This one is nice and big! The smaller one is out in the garage to be used to store drinks and just have extra space when needed. We had a moment of panic when we got up to the farm and found the small one was warm inside. Fortunately, it only needed defrosting but we ended up losing everything inside of it. I decided to see it as an opportunity to clean it out. ha.

I even had time for a quick makeover of the metal chairs I picked up in Canton. They will be great around the fire pit!
Sorry for the less than great picture. I was in a hurry to take it before we left to come back to the city. They are super comfy! My grandparents had similar ones on their back porch. So these bring back happy memories too!

Then here at the city house, we are finally replacing the carpet in the living and dining rooms with laminate flooring. I'm so thrilled! With the dogs keeping the carpet looking nice has been a challenge. It goes in this Friday. Whoop!
It's going to look great and should help with resale when that time comes. 

Lastly, I continue to enjoy being part of KariAnne's book launch group. Not only is she amazing, but the group is too. In case you're interested in her book, "So Close To Amazing", you can pre-order it here:
"This is a book celebrating the incredible, awesome, special individual within each of us. It’s also a book for anyone who has ever mismatched her shoes or trimmed her own bangs when a professional might have been a better choice or added too much soap to the washer and watched it overflow.

(Not that KariAnne Wood has ever done any of these things.)"

I really think you'll enjoy it! I know I am. 

Until next time!


  1. Everything is coming along just fine for the wedding, Cecilia! I can read and feel the excitement in your writing on how wonderful things are progressing! October will be here before you know it!

  2. I love Canton. It all looks great.

  3. Wonderful update Cecilia! It's so nice to hear the excitement in your 'voice' about the wedding and even the general updates. I can't say I blame you! I would be super excited to have that studio. It's going to be amazing. Great idea to have some of it for Bruce too, but yup, a door is a must. ;)

    Love the fridge! Hope you didn't have too much in the other one, but like you said, now it's clean :)


  4. Cecilia everything on the farm is looking so pretty. By October it will be so fabulous for the wedding.
    The Studio is looking wonderful too. Very soon your creative heart will have a home to create. Happy Wednesday.

  5. Cecilia,
    I am so happy for you, the joy in your writing and the beauty of the farm along with your studio is just wonderful!
    Blessings and hugs,


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