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Painting and Needing Advice

When the floor went in, I had to empty the bookshelves, tabletops, buffet, etc so we could move the furniture out of the way. Before the carpet was removed: Now there's no red cube ottoman, dog kennel is out; just the basic furniture left. I have to admit I'm liking the pared down much so that I haven't really put anything back (ok, I might be busy painting the baseboards)! But one thing I noticed was how tired the color looked on the lower part of the walls in the entry and dining room Color is called "Coconut Husk" It's a brown green. And I'm so over it! and the whole kitchen. This is a sage green. It's lighter than what's in the dining room (Oh, the floors in here are still tile). It's like, so yesterday! I want to change it but the question is to what? Grey doesn't work, otherwise I'd have the perfect color to use. I don't want yellowy colors (Can you say "Golden Oak"?). And

Dreaming of an Office/Library Space

Our living room at the farm is challenging - it's  small ...cozy.That's not a bad thing really. But, with two armchairs and a loveseat, it feels crowded. Sure we could get rid of some furniture. Yet again, we'd really like for people to have places to sit when they visit. And a full sized sofa would really overwhelm the space. Plus it has an awkward layout with the fireplace angled on the wall. A good solution would be to close in the garage and use it as the living room. It would definitely give us more space. It already has paneling on the walls (it will need to be painted) and two nice windows. Then the current living room with the fireplace can become Bruce's office with my dream feature - a library spot. Since Bruce already has a mission style desk and shelf, I can envision this space with a western flavor. Here's what I'm thinking: Mission style furniture source (We'd add more shelving along the wall for all our books. Plus, I'd leave

Getting New Floors At The City House

We're updating things at the city house that need it. We'll be painting the outside soon and I want to repaint the kitchen (I've loved the green, but it looks tired - or I'm tired of it). kitchen shortly after adding tile floors. Love the green color but it's time to change it  It's a wonderful house - 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Open living and dining rooms. Lots of windows, lots of light. I fell in love with it the moment I walked in. It had everything we were looking for at that time - perfect for our young family. I knew it was a house we could stay in a long, long time. Not long after we bought it - I added the flowerbeds along the driveway and around the trees Over the years, we've made the house our own - took wallpaper off, put wallpaper up, painted, redid the kitchen (new countertops, appliances, tile floor), master bathroom, added tile to both bathrooms, painted again. We took out the dining room windows and put in french doors and a small deck. W

Making Progress

Things are growing and filling in the flowerbeds at the farm.  This is the back bed along garage. The mint is going crazy! The  green swimming pool is for the dogs to cool off in 😊 Another view of the back bed - the edging I found buried under the dirt by the driveway! Another view further back - of the driveway bed (on the right). Farm Road sign is from Canton. I'm thinking about changing the "1" into a "B" so it says "Farm Road B" for the B Farm, of course! Lantanas in bloom The studio has been wired and insulation installed The floor needs to be redone where the workbench is going plus Bruce needs to build a big door to go between the studio and workbench area. The fire pit has been redone (it was torn up for brick to use for the walkway to the studio)😀 rebuild in progress! The bees are thriving: And mowing happens at the "Spot" and reception areas to groom the grounds every.single.time.we&