Monday, October 17, 2016

Friendship + Thrifting = Fun

I always thought of blogging as just a way to share life, projects, etc. I never dreamed I'd actually make great friends through it but that is exactly what I've found! This past Tuesday, I got to visit my sweet friend Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction. The drive was beautiful and scenic as I wound through the hill country to her house.

Once there, I enjoyed seeing all her cute decor in person - her made-over thrift store pumpkins,
the BOO sign, her sweet teacup chandelier,  and her farmhouse light fixtures to name a few.

I am in love with this sweet vignette:

I love how she paired the books with her squirrel!
I'm so going to use your idea, Cecilia! I have a few animal books and figurines that will work! :o)

And how cute is this little chair she hung on her wall:
Everywhere I looked, there was wonderful things to see. Her house is so warm and cozy!

We spent the rest of the day laughing and catching up.

The next day, we were up and ready to hit the thrift stores. First up was St. Vincent's. Right away we found some treasures! Score! From there, we went to a couple of more stores where more treasures awaited us.

Hungry, we headed to Pint and Plow for lunch.

They had the big doors opened so it was like sitting outside. It was very pleasant! Cecilia and I split a salad and pizza...yum!
After lunch, we hit more thrift stores. Kerrville has a lot of them and they all seem to have really good prices. What a fun day - we both found lots of great treasures!

We ended our day by visiting another blogging friend, Audrey of Timeless Treasures, who has been under the weather. I know she would really appreciate your prayers. Her home is delightful and inviting. I love her carved horse!

The next morning, we headed to Fredericksburg where we stopped at a cute little shop named "Smitten".

This quilt-covered bench made the porch look oh, so inviting:

Love this cute wintery display:

And this little pig caught my eye - I can guarantee you, my flying pig will be dressed similarly at Christmas!

 Just a few minutes away was Peach Tree where we headed for lunch:

Lovely Fall Aster filled the flowerbeds with lots of statues. The horse head drew my eye as I have a similar, maybe mine will find a home in my flowerbed!

Such a charming building!

These stone owls lined the edge of their porch. I wish I could have taken them all home. Aren't they cute?

The food was so good! Cecilia got a sandwich and I chose the special of the day, a chicken salad. Yes, it tasted as good as it looks!
We left full and happy, each with the Mud Dabber chocolate cookie to eat later.

We then went to a couple of antique stores before I had to head back home. We hugged and said our goodbyes, promising to meet for our next adventure. Be sure to check out Cecilia's post here where she shares about our adventure then check back on Friday on both our blogs where we will share our finds.


  1. How exciting, Cecilia! It's really awesome to be able to meet blogging buddies in person! And I think it's hilarious that you both have the same first name! You two had such a wonderful, enjoyable time filled with inspiration and laughter! Thanks for sharing your fun adventures!

  2. Oh thanks for taking us along with you. What fun you had! Looking forward to seeing yourgoodies. :)

  3. Cecilia, it was such a pleasure to have you and I loved reading your post. I'm going to link to it in my post and share on FB too ;) Hugs!

  4. What a FULL day and FUN to boot. It is so much fun to spend time thrifting with a friend. I have not done that in a LONG time. Looks like you got some great bargains and had 2 wonderful visits, too. xo Diana

  5. What a great trip. The shopping looks fun. I'm so sorry Audrey is under the weather. She will be in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for your prayers Katie ...Hugs

  6. What a fun trip - that is such a beautiful area - love Fredricksburg - it been years since visiting there. Lots of Jacob sheep in the hill country. Meeting and spending time with blogger friends is the Best.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  7. Hi Cecilia ... love reading your post. Thanks for sharing. You'll really had a fun day. Sorry I was not able to be with you. You have captured some interesting things. I love the winter display in the old wooden box. I hope to copy that for Christmas. I am so happy you and Cecilia shared a little part of your day with me. Thanks for the link-back ... glad you like the horse.
    Audrey Z.

  8. It sure looks like the two Cecilia's had great fun together!! I've been to Fredericksberg several times and just love it. I've also eaten at the Peach Tree...oh so good! Thanks for capturing some of your days with us. I hope that Audrey will feel better soon, and how thoughtful of you both to pay her a visit.

  9. What a fun time Cecilia. It is always fun to be with friends, good shopping/thrifting and yummy food.
    That salad does look so good. Now I am hungry. Glad you had fun.

  10. Sounds like an absolutely lovely and fun time. So much eye candy. I'll sure say a prayer for Audrey.

  11. Awwwwww....that's so great that you got to spend some quality time with a blog buddy Cecilia! The places you visited looked like they were full of fun things too. Sorry to hear about Audrey. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


  12. Oh I love it when blogging buddies get together and find such joy and festive fun!
    Looks positively delightful:)
    I am so sorry to hear about Audrey, she is such a neat lady.

  13. I would love to meet up with y'all sometime when I'm down south. :)

    I'll be thinking of Audrey too.


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