Monday, August 1, 2016

Nautical Art For The Bathroom

I spent last week creating new artwork to hang on the bathroom wall. With the vanity done, I'm moving on to touch up painting and accessorizing.

If you remember from my inspiration board, I wanted some shadow boxes with shells. I had some shadow box frames leftover from another project. They were black so the first thing I did was to paint them ASCP Old White. Then I lined the back with scrapbook paper and glued my shells on. Easy as can be!

oops, you can see my reflection in the glass. 

I also took a tiny frame, popped in a piece of beach themed scrapbook paper, turned it on the diagonal, and then glued a seahorse to the glass.

I also painted my boat shelf, lightly sanded the old oar and then gave it a coat of clear wax, and took an old wooden ball and covered it with sisal.

Lastly, I took a cheap white frame and added wood-look scrapbook paper to the sides. Now it's the perfect rustic frame for the picture of me and my mom on the beach.

I'll be adding a couple of chunky shelves (stained to match the vanity) above the toilet. Then just a few more touch up projects and I can decorate and do a final reveal.

In other news, I'm waiting on pins and needles for the countertop people to let me know our new kitchen counters are ready! They came out last Thursday to measure and Bruce and I tore off the old ones this weekend. Bye-bye Formica from the 80's.
The new faucet also arrived and we picked up the sink as well. We are well on our way to the farmhouse kitchen of my dreams! Stay tuned for those updates - I'll share as soon as I have some pretty to show you. There's a whole lot of ugly right now. :-)

We found chunks of drywall missing under the formica backsplash 
The new counters, sink, and faucet are going to make a huge difference!

Until next time, have a great week!

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  1. The new art looks so cute! Love the seashells! I'm planning a kitchen remodel soon too, I'm looking forward to seeing your new counters!


  2. Your new art is wonderful! It looks like something you'd buy in a designer boutique. Seriously!!

    Your counters are going to make you smile but that all looks like a big job.

  3. Oh, lovely it must be to be tackling these projects! {{Smiles}}. Your bathrooking stunning with the nautical touches and how exciting to be having a new countertop put in! What a big undertaking though*..
    I spent yesterday painting my bedroom a light pink and today I need to put the final coat on and paint the window frames and in all the gaps! My, I did not realise it would take so lomg or how exhausted I'd be afterwards! It was an ugly yellow before and for the four years we have been here, I have lived with it! Well, time for a change and I even found a stunning heart shaped mirror on sale to match! Things are slooowly coming along! Hugs to you - a happy month of August to you, Cecilia!

  4. Your nautical art looks wonderful. I replaced the counter tops in my kitchen and it did make all the difference in the world.

  5. Oohh, Cecilia these are wonderful! Personalized art adds such a charming touch! Can't wait to see your new counters! Hugs!

  6. I am so excited about your kitchen update. Would love to get rid of our formica from the 80's too, but that will not happen. I will just have to live with it. Your updated bathroom will be so pretty with the new shell art. Good job.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Good Evening!
    I have been keeping tabs on you via FB while we were in Colorado and you are making some big progress! Love your designer art they are fabulous.
    And just look at your bathroom transformation-so happy for you!

  8. This is so beautiful ♥

  9. Wow! That is some before pics in the kitchen! Can't wait to see the after and I love your projects today!

    Happy day friend!

    1. You should see what it looked like when we bought the place! I'm going to do a post with the before-before pictures. Countertops going in next Wednesday!! whoop!
      Thanks, KariAnne!

  10. Well, haven't you been a busy little BEEfarm girl? Love your artwork for the bathroom and can't wait to see your kitchen all done. Bet YOU can't wait to see it done either.
    Hope you have a great week, Cecilia. xo Diana

  11. How exciting Cecilia! Ok, maybe it's not so exciting when you're living through the changes and turmoil, but it's going to look fabulous. I just know it :).

    The shadow boxes look so pretty, and the shells really pop against the paper you choose. Everything really coming together!


  12. Cecilia, thank you for sharing your beautiful nautical art at Vintage Charm--pinned!


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