Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Boston and Beyond - Part 2

Last time, I shared the Boston portion of our trip (read about it here). Read on to hear about the next part of the trip.Warning - lots of pictures!

After celebrating the 4th in grand style, we got up the next morning and hopped on the train to Rockport. Oh Rockport, you sweet little picturesque coastal town. I could have spent a laid back week in you. We enjoyed strolling the streets,

eating lobster rolls and chowder,
a sweet treat afterwards, and some shopping.
Mark with some strudel. We got some too. Yum!
Pretty boats
Us four girls
All of girls posing with Paul photobombing and wait...I spy Kevin taking the picture from another angle. ha.

Loved all the Lobster floats

Colorful kayaks for rent
We even dipped our toes in the 
Since the water on the Texas coast is warm so I found this experience to be novel and slightly out of place. :-) Still, I would go back in a heartbeat. We hopped back on the train to Boston and sent the guys off to get the rental cars for our next part of the journey. Supper was at a yummy Italian restaurant in the North End, followed by Mike's where we got cannolis, gelato, and other goodies.

The next morning, we loaded up the vans and headed to Springfield where we stopped at the Armory (very interesting to learn the history of rifle making)
 Old lathe used to turn rifle stocks:

Then onto the Dr. Seuss sculpture garden. What fun we had posing with the various characters!
Bruce asking Seuss about his work
"I do not like green eggs and ham."
I hear a Who too!
Running with Things 1 & 2
Mark and Mary Kay

Susan and the Lorax

Mira in her Cat in the Hat pose

Paul looking over Seuss' shoulder
Ok, we may have been a wee bit silly, LOL, but it was Seuss!

We ended the visit with a group photo in front of the "Oh The Places You'll Go" Sculpture"

Congratulations if you've stuck with me to here. I still have more to share, so come back tomorrow for the end of our trip. Thanks for joining us on our adventure!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip Cecilia!


  2. Cannoli!Love all of the photos! Rockport looks charming and I would have loved the Dr. Seuss garden too. Fun!

  3. Those pictures are hilarious. :)

    Looks like everyone is having fun!

    Happy vacation day!

  4. Oh yes, we had loads of fun. :o) I'm sad it's over. I wanna go back!!

  5. Oh, Cecilia! You are just as cute as you can be - and with the perfect smile. Don't know how I missed the first part of your trip, but this one is so enjoyable to read! Love your visit to Rockport - it looks like a very quaint place to enjoy! And the fun you had at Dr. Seuss's Garden - oh my, just wonderful!

  6. Hey! They have a Rockport, too, huh ? Looks just as quaint as ours. Maybe a bit more fun though. I've always wanted to try a cannoli, they sound so yummy! We'd like to see that area where America began. Sounds like a really good trip. And now you're back where the Death Star lives. Certainly had to be nice to enjoy cooler weather for awhile.

  7. Cecilia,
    What a great time y'all had in the Seuss park. The Pacific Ocean in the northwest is even colder than the Atlantic. So much so, I wore wool slacks, borrowed from my aunt, in July for a day at the beach.



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