Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Art Studio Chair Reveal

 I finally finished the chair for the art room! I love how it turned out and it's so much better than the one I was using.

But before I can share the chair, I have to clean the art room...
I don't know about you, but I can happily create and make messes but then something happens and I've reached a tipping point! It's no longer a creative mess but becomes a jumbled mess that saps creativity.
This week was my tipping point. I had this pretty recovered chair to share and YIKES!! There.was.no.room!! I couldn't take a nice picture of the chair in the studio, or find the parts of a project I needed, there were stacks of unorganized stuff everywhere, and the mess was threatening to swallow me whole.

So I started at the door and worked my way around the room, including the closet. The mess always gets worse before it gets better. Stacks and stacks of stuff:
Finally, with some rearranging, purging and putting away, the art room is once again a peaceful place to create (with a clean closet to boot!!):
 Yes, there are still stacks of things but now it's organized and I know where it all is.

The easel is in a better place too where the light is more even. I'm so glad my easel has wheels!
And now I can share my chair! It went from this when I found it at GW,
$6 treasure
to a slipcovered version that started shedding its original cover in bits and pieces,
to finally completely redone. I plumped up the seat then reupholstered it. Voila!

haha, can you see Herbie's head sticking out? - somehow I missed that
when I took this picture. 
Now I not only have a comfortable and pretty chair, I have a clean art studio as well. Hurray!


  1. I love the chair's new look, Cecilia! You selected a beautiful pattern and color that I truly adore! As for your once cluttered artroom - cleaning it up and organizing it looks great! I know exactly what you mean about not being able to find anything before. I find myself thinking of things to make only to say - if I could just find this or that somewhere! I really need to clean up my mess,too!

  2. I didn't see Herbie, but I did notice Kitty and other paws in the bottom right of the photo. :-) Love the chair, Cecilia, you did a good job. Wish my room looked half that good (even when yours was messy)--I'd take that!

    1. haha, those were Buddy's paws. If you look at Pippin's (kitty) shoulder, you can see Herbie's nose just past that. Love my chair too! Thanks!

  3. The chair looks so good, nice and comfy for creating! And the room looks much better... I make huge messes too. I recently did a HUGE purge of my craft studio and rearranged it though so I'm trying really hard to keep it looking nice and organized. So far so good!


  4. I envy you and your new CLEAN CRAFT ROOM!
    Cute chair! It's nice when we give ourselves little gifts... a comfy chair and a peaceful place to paint.Little gifts to yourself!
    Now I need to work on my own space!

  5. My office/craft room is horrible right now. Love a great GW find. The chair turned out beautifully.

    1. Thank you Sharon. I love to find a bargain too. :) And make it beautiful!

  6. I don't have a Craft Room, but I sure have a messy office. I feel inspired to do some Spring cleaning, but just can't get around to all the areas that need organized. Love your choice of fabric for your chair. You did a great job on it and I bet it is comfortable.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Whoa! You really whipped that into shape Cecilia! Love the chair too, but I knew you'd kill it.


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