Thursday, May 5, 2016

Random Things You Find in Canton

Canton is always a blast to visit and especially fun when my family decides to come too. Bruce and I along with our son, drove up Thursday night to the farm. Then Jay and I got up early Friday morning and headed to Canton.

The weather was very iffy but fortunately the rain held off until after lunch. Jay and I hit the jackpot right off the bat. Love when that happens! However, I will share those in another post.

Today I want to share some of the odd things we saw.

Like these giant metal dinosaurs:
 Jay offered the T-Rex his food. I love the expression on the little boy's face in the background:

Then there was this really creepy doll head. Echoes of "Toy Story" mangled toys:
 Frogs on bicycles:
Mannequin heads from a beauty school - again slightly creepy:
 Painted deer head (yes, it was real):
A pedal wienermobile:
And a yellow food bus:

Saturday, our daughter Megan, her boyfriend, and Bruce also joined Jay and I in Canton. As they shopped and looked, I snapped more random things.

Metal flying pig, anyone?
How about this "Jaws" memorabilia?
Or metal mermaids...
Perhaps you need a unique clock:
Or these Baileys cups:
This large batman doll would be perfect for your own superhero:

Too funny. We did see some more normal things.

Like this pile of antlers:
Rusty doorknobs:
 A pile of wood stools:
Parts of windmills (thanks to Fixer Upper, very expensive):

And the front of a car. I think this would be awesome in a man cave. The man assured me the lights would work.

It's always a blast to walk around out in the flea market area of Canton. You just never know what you'll find. And that is all the fun!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the odd and fun things in Canton.

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  1. So many fun and quirky things to see...and then there are those unexpected treasures to find too! Thanks for taking us along!!

    1. It's one of my favorite places to go...I'm glad they hold it once a month. That means I can go more often! They have pavilions filled with lots of pretty furniture and things but my favorite part is the flea market area. Treasures in the raw to found out there! :o)

  2. That big ole doll head is definitely creepy as are the mannequin heads for beauty school. Then I saw a few things that I would be interested in bringing home with me. Did you find any vintage goodies?

    1. Sharon, there are always lots of vintage goodies to be found. Pretty much anything is there at different times. It seems I never find what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it. Ha. I'll share my finds soon!

  3. Thanks for all the great photos! I've been going to Canton since 1981. My house is full of Canton buys. So I hardly go any more....

    1. Mary, it's very addicting. I guess it's because it changes all the time and you never know what you'll find. I love to look and wander the outside area. It's a fun place. I've got lots of Canton buys too in my house. Maybe I need to shop for other people. ;-)

  4. So fun, Cecilia! Great shot of your son with the dinosaur. Those doll heads are creepy! My little Superhero would LOVE that Batman ;) Can't wait to see your treasures. Have a great weekend!


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