Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring Came Calling

I bet you're wondering what happened to the telephone chair. Is it painted; is it recovered?

Well, the answer is no. I did manage to pull off all the layers of fabric on the seat.

You see, Spring called. The weather has been warm, trees are budding out, and flowers blooming.

I just had to get outside and enjoy the delicious weather...which is a good thing because Winter decided to come roaring back. It's not super cold (60's) but the wind has been blowing like a banshee making it feel colder. Plus, I got sick about the time it decided to act like Winter again.

However, I did finish up a few quick and easy projects. I found an old magazine rack - a big one - pretty golden wood color (not). But it was just what I was looking for. (Bad blogger! I forgot to take a picture of it before I painted it). I painted it then whitewashed it.
 Here it is finished and in the kitchen. It is holding my cheap cutting boards. One day, I will put my cookie sheets and wood cutting boards in it. I like having them out where I can get to them easily. No more moving other bakeware out of the way.
 Then I'm not sure I ever showed my rocking horses done. Here's the little one:

 Here's the big one:
I really do love how they turned out!

We also went exploring one Saturday...well, ok. We were really going into Tyler to a countertop store but lo and behold, they are closed on the weekends. Boo. So we went exploring!

We ended up in Edom, TX - cute shops. One was a pottery place. Bruce bought me these pieces:
 A dip bowl and creamer. I just love them. So unique!

I also found this phone at an antique mall in Salado the beginning of the month. It's just the style I was looking for. The color isn't exactly what I want so it will be getting a makeover when I get to it and the table. (Soon I hope)!

Lastly, Bruce worked on getting the barn cleaned out of the junk the previous owners had left behind. We are discussing what I want as far as the art studio, door, etc. I'm very excited! This is happening!!!

He's promised to keep that wood beam showing when he puts the ceiling in. Yay! I have some red tongue and groove boards from a friend too that were in her breakfast room. I have some ideas for using them. There's not enough for a whole wall but I should get some decorative use out of them.

As you can see, I haven't been wasting my time. I promise I'll get to the telephone table soon. I really do want to get it if this nasty cold will just go away!

Hope you are well and getting glimpses of Spring.

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  1. You have been busy. I like the idea of using the magazine rack in the kitchen. I also look forward to seeing what you do with the telephone stand.

  2. What a fun post! I just love how the magazine rack and the rocking horses turned out! So cute! I am so excited for your art studio! It's going to be awesome and that beam! I hope you feel better soon. Prayers and hugs...:) And, I finally got a post up.

    Hugs, Vicky

  3. Great magazine rack! I am really excited to see your telephone stand and eventually your studio!

  4. What fun treasures you found, love that phone. That wood beam is just wonderful, I bet you are super excited dreaming about your studio. I can't wait to see how it turns out. By the way, the flowers are delightfully beautiful, I can't wait til Spring is here for good.

    Hugs & Love,

    1. Oh Teresa, the flowers are such a gift this time of year when I'm so tired of winter! I'm always happy to see means spring is close. I am excited about my studio space. How nice it will be to have a designated place to paint - hopefully I can keep it from getting junky. Lol.
      Isn't that phone adorable? I forgot how heavy those old phones were. Wow.
      Hope you all are settling in ok. Still praying for y'all!

  5. So exciting! Love the wood beam, and I don't blame you for wanting to keep it.

    The chair can wait, but in the meantime the horse and rack came out great!


  6. wow! I LOVE that nice big building! How lucky for you!

  7. Hi Cecilia,
    Sometimes a project takes a back burner, and that's ok...I know it will be fabulous when you do get it done! And all 3 of your projects turned out amazing, what a great idea to use the magazine rack for your kitchen boards/etc.!
    Love the pottery pieces you got, so pretty!
    Your art studio is going to be Amazing!! Can't wait to see it all done!
    Happy almost weekend! Hugs, Kimberley

    1. Thanks, Kimberely! I don't remember where I saw one used as a cutting board holder. Someone's blog or Pinterest, I'm sure. The pottery studio had the most amazing pottery! Such beautiful glazes. The man made me laugh...he was dressed in lavender overalls with a matching t-shirt. So funny. And I cannot wait for the studio to be done. Woohoo!
      Happy almost weekend to you too! Hugs,

  8. Cecelia, what lovely finds. I really like the (red) rocking horse. So, vintage-y.

    Good luck with the telephone chair too.

    Have a nice rest of the week.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I wish I could find a big rocking horse like the small one but, I'm happy I found this little guy. I hoping to tackle the chair next week. happy rest of the week, too!

  9. Wow, this is going to be a fabulous studio space. Lucky you!
    I bought a bamboo book / music holder at Round Top last fall. I use it in my kitchen to hold trays.

  10. Whaaaattttt??!! You're getting a whole barn for an art studio?! I'm so jealous, I can't wait to see how it comes together!


  11. Oh my gosh, to have a barn like that would be awesome! I can think of a million things to use that space for. I'm suddenly hungry for a little corn salad. :)


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