Monday, November 30, 2015

A Winter Wonderland


It's a rare thing where I live in Texas. It shuts everything down when it happens even if it's just a dusting.

Because it's rare, I love it. I want to stand outside and let it fall softly around me.

(these photos are from 2011)

To capture that wonder, I went with a Winter Wonderland theme.

I started with my mantel, using my chalkboard art to set the tone.

The lanterns came from Target's dollar spot.

The silver reindeer sleigh, a gift from my niece and twin sister.

Then I put up my tree...well, I tried to...

It's going in a different spot this year and the old tree was too wide. What's a girl to do? Gift the old of course, and go buy a skinny one! The one I got was pre-lit. Oh my word, it was too easy! What took me so long? Lol.

 Sparkling snowflakes,

Snowball ornaments,

Vintage Mercury glass look ones,

Furry boots and glittery mittens,

White sleigh,

And furry reindeer all create my wintery look.

A bleached drop cloth makes the perfect skirt

And snowflake clips along with a giant snowflake make up the topper.

I love my Winter Wonderland look. Now if we could just get the real stuff...

Next time, I'll share more of the city house  decor and the farmhouse too. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. It's all so lovely! Pretend snow is great but there was a reason we left the cold, gray north!

    1. Haha, oh I wouldn't want to live with lots of it for a long period of time. I'm perfectly happy living in Texas. I really don't like cold weather to last long, I just like the occasional snowfall that melts off in a couple of days! And Spring showing up in March!

  2. Beautiful tree, Cecilia. I really look forward to seeing more of both places.

    Enjoy your week...Oh, and NO chance of snow in south Florida :(

  3. Your decorations are beautiful . . . whether it snows or not, you will have your winter wonderland :)
    It is snowing here today; if I could I'd send you some, or at least toss a snowball in your direction :)
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  4. Hi Cecilia,
    So, so pretty! I love your winter theme! And the furry boots, mittens and deer as so cute, love them!
    We had a skinny tree too, they are great for taking up less space but still being tall enough to seem big...and you are right pre-lit is so much easier! ;)
    We had over a foot of snow a week or so ago and now it is all gone, heavy rains and now warmer's nice to see snow, but I like it when it is gone too! ;)
    Can't wait to see the rest of your decorating!
    Hugs, Kimberley

    1. I think snow we can enjoy for a day or two is great then have it warm up again. I don't love the cold for very long. Good thing I live where I do! I do wish just once in my life, I could experience a white Christmas. Now that would be cool.

  5. I love your winter wonderland Cecilia ~ those silver mittens are adorable! Hugs, Cecilia

  6. Hi Cecilia ... love your winter wonderland decorations. The tree is beautiful as well as the mantel. It really sets the tone for your winter wonderland theme. Those little lanterns from Target are very nice ... and just one dollar ? and I love the silver reindeer sleigh. Happy Christmas and a little bit of snow would be nice.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. It all looks just beautiful, Cecilia. I love all the glitz and white and silver. Just gorgeous!!!! You have done a great job on everything. LOVE those little mittens, too!! xo Diana

  8. LOL! I was like....what? They already got snow and then I saw the caption!

    Love your decorations!

    Happy day friend!

    1. Haha, now that would be a miracle. We get snow maybe every ten years? And usually in February. Definitely not this time of year - we just now dropped into the 40 - 60 degree range. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I was thinking the same thing as karianne! Lol

    Love the beautiful decorations...the mittens, booties and reindeer are so adorable and festive. Can't believe that lantern was a dollar!

    Happy decorating!


    1. Haha, no! Those are old pictures. I'm really hoping for a snowfall this winter. We'll see.

      The lanterns were actually $3 but over in their dollar spot. Still a good buy. My Target is already out of them. I love looking over there to see what they have!
      Have a great week! Hugs

  10. I love you winter wonderland tree! ALL of the ornaments are perfect! I have had a skinny, 10foot, prelit tree for years and LOVE it! Would love for you to come see my tree and I also shared my mantle today. Have a great day!!! Pinky

    1. Thanks, Pinky! I will pop over in a bit and visit. Would love to see your tree and mantle!


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