Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Unique Wreath From A Canton Find

Hello friends! Have you wondered where I've been? No? LOL, well in case you have, I've been busy, busy, busy in my little corner of the world. Crafting and decorating and planning Thanksgiving. :o)

I'm so excited about Thanksgiving this year - we will all be together with some extra guests! The feast is planned and I'm cleaning, fluffing, and getting ready for our turkey day!

One of my projects is a unique wreath for the farm.

Back in the Spring, I found an old theater seat (sans fabric) in Canton. I bought it thinking I could cut it apart and use the springs for various projects.
(Closeup of the springs - I forgot to take a picture before I spray painted it. )

But then I got to looking at it and really liked the rectangular shape of it. I thought it just might make a really cool wreath. You know what? I was right!

But first, it needed a mini makeover. I sprayed it with Looking Glass spray paint

And after it dried, brought it inside to decorate. I made a red burlap bow, added a pinecone cluster, and attached it in the middle.

Then added some pinecones into some of the springs. Easy and done!

I placed it on the top of the fireplace insert to cover up the blotchy finish on the back part. It adds so much character to my rustic decor at the farmhouse. Plus it is a one of a kind wreath. A win-win in my book!

Next time, I'll share how I took a used canvas and gave it a new look. 


  1. How cool! I love it! it's perfect for pinecones too. I never would have seen a wreath but it turned out great! I have seen springs used for lots of things though. They have a quirky industrial look. It's awesome to me how people are using things that would normally be in a landfill. :) Have a great Friday fluffing and decorating!

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Cecilia, you might not have been blogging, but I know you peeked into other blogs to leave sweet comments. :-) This is a cool idea. I have an old rusty seat of springs from an antique car, but looks like a sumo wrestler was the last person to sit on it ! Kinda smushed ! So, I'm not sure what to do with it now. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. I know I'm thankful for cool weather at last.

  3. I WAS wondering about you and was thinking I'd stop by anyway but lo and behold,mtheyre you were in my in box :).

    It takes a special, creative mind to look at that chair cushion and envision a wreath, and wow, your vision was brought to reality in a beautiful way! Love it!

    I understand being busy these days. It's a special time of year, and it sounds like you're going to have a great holiday!

  4. Oh my goodness, how cool Cecilia! I love it!


  5. Good morning Cecilia ... what a cute wreath. I bet your enjoyed Canton. You could add a few ornaments when it gets closer to Christmas. Anxious to see what you do with the used canvas.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Cecilia, this is too cute & so fun! Reminds me I need to get out my bed spring tree ;) Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm! Hugs, Cecilia

  7. Hi Cecilia! :)
    I always wonder where you are! ;)
    I love your wreath, so pretty! I love that it holds the pinecones too. I love rustic décor!
    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! And an amazing Thanksgiving!!


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