Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Visit!

I woke up to the best sound ever in this morning: RAIN! We haven't had rain in over 2 months and things have gotten quite crispy.
It's amazing how fast the plants perk up. No amount of watering can do what a good soaking rain can.
We are supposed to get quite a bit more over the next few days too! Now we just need some nice crisp Fall weather and we'll be all set. :o)

Earlier this week, I got to go visit and meet a fellow Texas blogger, Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction. We've been talking about it for awhile and finally were able to meet! Of course, we had to meet - there's not a lot of Cecilias. LOL. She's absolutely adorable and so sweet!

We had a blast! She took me to all her favorite thrift stores and I got to stay in her cute house. Go here to see it all decked out for the Fall. All I can say is, the pictures don't capture the whole beauty of her home. I just couldn't stop looking around it all. :o) I loved seeing it in person!
We celebrated our birthdays too as they are very close together. Cecilia took me to one of her favorite restaurants for supper. Yummy! We talked and laughed and had a great time.
Cecilia and me
Afterwards, we went back to her house where we talked and laughed some more. We exchanged birthday gifts:
She gave me these cute red tins full of fresh dried herbs from her garden!! I love using rosemary and thyme in my cooking. Thank you, Cecilia!!
Then then next day, we went thrifting. I found some treasures -
A horse book, 2 beautiful pillow shams in my neutral colors, a Christmas plate, and a reindeer pull toy.
Here's a close up of the fabric:
And one of the plate. Love the saying on it and the red barn.
Then we met another fellow blogger, Audrey from Timeless Treasures, for lunch. She's adorable and I enjoyed visiting and getting to know her as well. The restaurant we ate at was charming and the food delicious:
Afterwards, Cecilia and I went to Comfort and shopped a bit more. There was one shop that had a "home" set up for their two pugs. Oh my word, it was too cute. The shop owner asked if they wanted to take their picture in their beds and up they hopped.
We also saw several scarecrows around town. I had to take a picture of "Jack Sparrow".
Sadly, it was then time for me to head home. However we are making plans to meet up again in the Spring, with Cecilia coming to my house. I can't wait! Thank you, Cecilia for such a fun visit! Here's to new friends.


  1. Cecilia, it was my pleasure! Thank you for making the drive--can't wait to visit you next! We really do think alike; I'll be sharing my post on our visit Sunday! Hugs, Cecilia

    1. You're welcome! Oh I almost forgot...the pumpkin hummus is yummy! Thanks for sharing it. Looking forward to seeing your post on Sunday. :o)

  2. Oh how fun! I have always thought it would be so neat to meet some of my blog friends in person. Hopefully some day! Glad to hear you two had a wonderful time. And, it's always nice to have something fun to look forward to as well...:) Have a great Friday and weekend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  3. How nice you got to meet not just one but two blog friends! You clearly had a blast shopping and eating and laughing and thrifting and talking and everything else!

    Wish we could get some rain too! We sorely need it. One of our friends well went dry here in the community. Not good :(.

  4. ooh, Cecilia, how fun ! You say you "then went to Comfort" (not far from me!), so were the thrift shops in Boerne ? Sounds like you ladies had a great time! Although I'm thankful for the rain, if we get the high end of what they are predicting for us tomorrow, we could be in trouble. The creek behind the house will surely fill, and the fear is it will leap the banks and into our yard and outbuildings. I'm scared. Wouldn't you know it's a hurricane named Patricia that's causing the problems! ;-/

  5. Hi Cecilia ... I have been waiting for your post about your visit to see Cecilia (My Thrift Store Addiction) so I could tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you. I really appreciated the invite to join you'll for lunch ... and thanks for lunch. You are just as beautiful and enjoyable in person as you are on your blog ... well, maybe a little more-so. Love your paintings ... you are very talented. Glad you got to go thrifting at our favorite shop. Love the things you found. Hope you will come again. Glad you are getting rain.
    (Thanks for the tag-back) Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  6. Hi Cecilia,
    I loved reading this blog post...such a special thing to connect with someone and get to visit them! And it is pretty neat that you both have the same name, and you are right, Cecilia is not a very common name!
    I haven't been blogging for very long, but the friends I have made so far are really special...and I often tell my husband that blogging friends are the modern day pen pals. We get to know each others homes, interests and lives.
    And even more special that you got to meet another blogger for lunch too!
    Your thrifty finds are amazing and I just love that horse book and that red barn plate, so pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kimberely. I agree, the blogging friends I've made are so special. It's like finding a whole community of like-minded friends. Modern day pen pals for sure!
      Hope you have a great weekend as well.

  7. How lovely to meet up with other bloggers and have lunch and a bit of shopping too! I love those scarecrows! xx

  8. So glad you finally got some rain, but sounds like you did get lots of it...and how great to meet Cecilia for your birthdays and some great food and fun, not to mention some great shopping....How great that you received those wonderful dried herbs from her garden....Blogging friends are the best!!

    1. We've gotten more rain too; while the farm got a slow steady rain, the city house got a deluge with more flooding happening around town. Fortunately, we did not flood at the house. I am glad for it though!
      It was so much fun to meet Cecilia - she's a sweetie! And blogging friends are the best - it's like a whole community of likeminded friends. So much fun!

  9. Cecilia, just read about your visit on the other Cecilia's blog. Nice to meet you too! Happy Birthday!
    I'm in Austin, so I get over to the hill country for shopping trips on occasion. It's always a fun time. I've visited the pugs at Blackbird Antiques many times. Such a cute home!

  10. How fun! I wish I could meet some of my blogging friends in person but most are all the way across the country! Maybe one day :o)



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