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A Visit!

I woke up to the best sound ever in this morning: RAIN! We haven't had rain in over 2 months and things have gotten quite crispy. It's amazing how fast the plants perk up. No amount of watering can do what a good soaking rain can. We are supposed to get quite a bit more over the next few days too! Now we just need some nice crisp Fall weather and we'll be all set. :o) Earlier this week, I got to go visit and meet a fellow Texas blogger, Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction . We've been talking about it for awhile and finally were able to meet! Of course, we had to meet - there's not a lot of Cecilias. LOL. She's absolutely adorable and so sweet! We had a blast! She took me to all her favorite thrift stores and I got to stay in her cute house. Go here to see it all decked out for the Fall. All I can say is, the pictures don't capture the whole beauty of her home. I just couldn't stop looking around it all. :o) I loved seeing it in person!

Host Chairs and Fall Table Decor

I'm on a roll - two posts in one week! It seems like I'm either extremely productive or not at all. But when you're on a roll, go with it, I say. Yesterday I showed you my dining room table and chairs all newly painted and redone. But I left you with a promise to show you my new host (aka arm) chairs. So why am I finally getting host chairs after all these years? WELL, I've been thinking of the holidays, I'm tired of pulling out the metal folding chairs, and since my children are grown, someday they just might bring someone home with them. ;o) So, I went on the hunt for chairs. First, I thought new. I looked at At Home, then Pier One, then World Market. Nothing that fit my style or ideas. Then Friday, I went to my favorite consignment store and found two of these. Hmm, nice and sturdy, the price was right (both were cheaper than one new one!) and I know with paint and new fabric they will blend with my other ones. Ok, SOLD!! I loaded them up and brought

The Dining Room Table and Chairs

I finally got the table and chairs done! I'm wondering why I waited so long to tackle them...I think it's because I couldn't decide if I really wanted to paint them or what color to use. But I absolutely love how they turned out. Photo bombed by Missy the cat Here's what I started with: The finish was tacky in some spots and worn off in others. We got this table and two chairs as a wedding gift 33 years ago. We bought two more chairs to finish the set. They were unfinished wood and the table has 2 leaves. Bruce wanted it to be Dark Walnut and I wanted Pecan. He won. :o) Thus the set ended up with a dark walnut stain. One leaf never quite matched - it was always a little lighter than the rest of the table. Then I refinished it about 15 or more years ago. I tried to lighten the color but it didn't work. Eventually, we bought a bigger table and this one went up in the attic. Our son used it one year but it came back when he moved back home - again it went

Silver Linings

Ever have one of those weeks? You know, the kind where more goes wrong than right? It's hard not to focus on the bad stuff and instead find the silver linings. I really have to work at being positive instead of negative during those times. Anyway, I had a couple of weeks recently where my stress level was high and my outlook rather gloomy. It all started off with the phone company digging a ginormous hole in my backyard  and because of where they were digging, we had to take down my greenhouse. Which meant I had to move everything in it - including moving the pea gravel floor. Oh yay. Then it took them a week to come back and fix the cable. Of course, they came at a very inconvenient time for me. I had to completely change my plans so I could be home. Then it was another two days before they came back and refilled the hole. (I won't mention the now dead grass).*sigh* In between all that, we planned and held a birthday party for my mother-in-law. A good thing but a l