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Candle Chandelier With Glass Teacups


 I finally finished the teacup chandelier! I'm loving it!

Let's start from the beginning. I had the old chandelier light from the dining room that we took down.

It wasn't anything pretty to look at with its antique brass and frilly glass globes. So down it came and got replaced by a far cooler light. However, I saved it, thinking I'd someday repurpose it.

Then I saw some chandeliers redone with teacups as planters and one that used all red teacups - it was gorgeous! and an idea was born. 


I thought it would be fun to use different teacups so I begin looking for different ones. I mostly found ones with flowers on them, a couple of red glass ones, then finally one with a bird on it. But not enough that were unique.

Those red glass ones were so pretty. Now, I wanted all glass teacups so the light would shine through them. So I began looking...

I first thought all red but couldn't find 5 red ones. Then one time in Canton, I came across a booth with many different colored teacups...greens, yellows, pink, clear.  I bought a green one and a gold one to go with the red ones I had. I thought a blue one would be pretty but couldn't find a single one. The next day, we went downtown to shop and success at an antique store! It was a little more than I wanted to pay but I bit the bullet and bought it. 

I was so happy! I finally had 5 different glass teacups and could make my chandelier. Then disaster struck! As I was walking into the house, the bag I thought I was securely holding, slipped out of my hand and onto the tile floor. Crash! The only thing that didn't break was the saucer. I might have shouted a bit and definitely shed some tears. All I could do was pack the other cups away and wait for my next trip to Canton.

That trip was the hot one in August but happily I found another blue cup (as we were walking towards the car) and got this one back in one piece. Whew.

This past weekend I finally had the time to put it together. I'd already restained the wood a darker color, spray painted the arms silver, and cut the wires out, now I just needed to glue the cups on. Using clear silicone, I glued the saucers to the chandelier then after that dried, glued the cups on with E6000 glue.

After the glue cured for 24 hours, I hung it up out on the back porch! I love it. I'm using battery operated tealights for now although in the future, I may try votive candles for more light. I think it works pretty good though.

Here's a close-up of all the cups:
the 2nd blue one



red - there are two of these
Nighttime couldn't come soon enough. I couldn't wait to switch the candles on and enjoy my new outside porch light!

I really love how it turned out. The different colors are perfect for my porch and are a bright spot during the day and the glow of candle light is perfect at night. I'm looking forward to Fall evenings on the porch under the candle chandelier!


  1. I love it, Cecilia. You did a great job on the transformation of this chandelier.

  2. Hi Cecilia! :)
    OhMyGosh...beautiful! I have never seen a teacup chandelier before until I saw your pictures...and I think I love your glass one the best! Like you, I think I would want the light to shine through the glass too. I gasped when I read how you dropped the bag, ugh, I felt your pain! But was glad you found another blue one!
    It is just beautiful!

  3. So pretty, Cecilia! What a fun project--your porch is just the perfect place to show it off :)

  4. It's fabulous Cecilia! It sounds like a lot of serendipity took place with your story of how you acquired the cups, and I cringed when I read you broke one, but it all worked out in the end...and beautifully!

  5. Oh my gosh! I am in love and need one! You did a fantastic job. Love the colors. I can't decide if it's prettier during the day or at night! Love it...:)

  6. How cute is that!!! Great job at recreating the chandy. I'm looking for one to put in my daughters room. I really love this idea.. without the candles though :) maybe the battery powered ones.

  7. How perfect for your porch! I love how you used different colors for the teacups. I am kicking myself now for not grabbing the chandelier just like yours that I saw at a barn sale! I will be looking for another one.

  8. Your chandelier turned our amazing Cecilia! Love that you found clear coloured teacups. How perfect!

    1. Thank you, Tuula! It really is beautiful all lit up too!

  9. So so so beautiful! The different colored cups pulled together nicely. I bet you get tons of comments on it from guests. :)

  10. Oh my goodness I love it! Thanks for sharing. Found you on Life on Lakeshore Drive's Bouquet of Talent

    1. Thank you so much, Adreanna! I'm so glad you dropped by.

  11. The hole in the ceiling was slightly too big, so we bought a ceiling medallion. It was a practical purchase; tropical chandelier


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