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Bathroom Reveal

Well, we did it! We have a beautiful new bathroom with some amazing features and we pulled it off in a couple of weeks. It was hard work but so worth it! I'm still shopping for a couple of things (like a narrow tray for soap, etc) but I'm in no hurry. I'll wait for the right pieces. Let's start with some before pictures. After all, we've come a long way, baby! Here's how it looked when we bought it 3 years ago: Oh my! The pink and lace had to go! After a thorough cleaning and removal of wallpaper, everything got a fresh coat of paint. Here's what it looked like afterwards and before we redid everything: This wasn't bad but we didn't like the vanity or the tub. And that is what prompted the new makeover. So let's see how it ended up. Enjoy! The shower:  I was fortunate to find a tile that goes perfectly with my wall paint. It wouldn't have been a huge deal to repaint but it saved a ton of time! Love t

The Final Bathroom Projects

 Woohoo! The bathroom is done except for some finishing touches. But now we can "RELAX". I'm on the search for a couple of things which I hope to find in the next couple of weeks. But before I share the reveal, I want to go over some of the projects. First the fun stuff: I wanted to completely refresh the decor to go with our new bath. I found this wood sign on clearance at Target: Ok, that saying doesn't go with a bathroom. Let's give it a makeover. New paint and stencil with a new saying and now it's perfect: Next up, a metal truck. I wanted one of these back at Christmas when I saw them all over blogland but they were all too expensive so I never bought one. Then recently I was in Ross and saw this one. It was only $15. Oh yeah, it came home with me. Never mind it was orange. I can fix that. And I did. Plus I added a sign to the doors. Yep, it says "Heartwood Farm est. 2012 (that's the year we bought the farm). I'm

Thrift It/Gift It/Facelift It! Makeover Challenge

Hi everyone! I am happy to be participating in a fun thrift makeover challenge. Tania from  Little Vintage Cottage  put it all together. She is calling it Thrift It/Gift It/ Facelift It.  Basically, we buy something from the thrift stores, send it to the person Tania assigns us to, then give our stuff a makeover and reveal it. Sounds fun, doesn't it? I was pleasantly surprised to find a package from Donna yesterday. Wow, Donna! You're fast! I eagerly tore my package open... Let's see what I have. A old faded photograph and a clothespin, a small canvas bag with lace, an old wooden ruler, three of these shoe things and a pretty piece of fabric. What will I make? Hm, the wheels are turning; I have a couple of ideas. I think the shoe things (what is their proper name?) will probably give me the most challenge. So tell me, what would you do with them? :o) We will all reveal our makeovers on August 29th! Stay tuned! You can hop over to see

Side Garden

It's hard keeping up two places (I know, cue the first world problem music), but the truth is when you have two places and you're pouring most of your energy into redoing one, the other gets neglected. Enter my side yard in the city: I called it my secret garden. You can get to it by going through the backyard or through the dining room french doors.   It used to be a favorite spot to sit on the deck and relax as it is right off the dining room. I had a small table out there where we sometimes ate. There used to be just a window there but Bruce replaced that with the French doors and added the deck. Then we added an awning about 5 years ago to cut back on the hot sun which really made it nice. But a couple of things happened - we bought our country place that needed lots of updating and care and our neighbors moved and the new people sit out on their back porch smoking all day (literally). Ugh. It blows right over the fence and stinks.  So we moved the patio furn