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Master Bedroom and Headboard Painted!

We had a great weekend at the farm. It was extra long as we went up on Friday and left Monday evening. We had near perfect weather - it was warm and sunny for most of it. The rain and cold didn't return until the wee hours of Monday morning. It made for getting a lot done!

Friday afternoon, I started painting the bedroom walls. Here's how it started out - white walls, green headboard:
heh, you can see my spots where I was trying out paint colors. :o)

It's always a bit scary to put color on a white looks so dark!

But I know to stick with it and trust the color is going to look right.

I also worked on the door we use as a headboard. I wanted to paint it white and add tin ceiling tiles to the panels.
Door headboard before
 I noticed the backside of the door was already white so instead of painting over the green, I painted a fresh coat on the white side and finished with dark wax.

I also had Bruce add a ledge on the top just to make it look more "headboard-y".

Ledge detail
Then I tried adding my tin tiles. They were too big and no matter how I tried, I couldn't get them to work. And if I cut them to fit, I would lose too much of the detail. Rats! Then I remembered I had a decorative piece of iron scrollwork. I laid it on the headboard and decided it worked!

I'd still like to have tin for those panels but the ironwork adds enough for now.

Love, love, love the color of the room. Revere Pewter is definitely a good color! Now my white curtains show up instead of blending in.

Tried out the bench under the window...not bad

And what about the sliding barn door for the closet, you ask? Well, as you can see, it's still the old closet door:

But Bruce told me he'd build me one. I just need to come up with a design and draw out a plan for him! He's the best!

In the meantime, I'm ordering my rug from Ballard Design. I found out it's on sale right now! Perfect! As for the bookshelves, that is a project for way down the road. For now, having the room painted and a barn door in the works is enough. I hope to share that in a couple of weeks!

Hope your week is going well!


  1. Love the color and it does make the white show up better! I love the pops if color in your decor. So cheerful! Too bad the tin tiles didn't work out, but the metal scroll looks great. It's so pretty. Glad you had a great weekend....May your week be the same.

    Hugs, Vicky

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I love the color. As for the tiles, I could of made them work but Bruce didn't like that some were on the, um, rustic side. I was actually going to turn them on their point (diamond) and place them over the panel. Guess it would of looked strange and they would have needed molding around them. Oh well. I found a good solution!

  2. Hi Cecilia ! You staying warm this morning ? Things are starting to bud and bloom, so I hope this little cold snap doesn't stay around. What a difference the new paint color makes ! I hope that we can do some painting this year, too. You're staying busy and it looks good !

    1. Hi Patty! I was thinking of you this weekend! The two rose bushes you gave me are thriving! We'll see what the cold does to the rest. Hoping they all survive! I've officially painted every room in the house! Yay for me! :D

  3. That turned out great, Cecilia! I love the color and I love what you did with the headboard. I have to say that my hair would get caught in the filigree and they would have to cut me loose. lol Or..maybe the hubs would leave me there for good! xo Diana

    1. Oh, Diana, lol! I did wonder about that but I don't have wild curly hair and the edges are very smooth. Thank you! I'm loving it.

  4. Lol! That's what I thought when I saw the iron work Cecilia! Or that maybe it would be a bit noisy when you guys are doing the hoochie coochie ;). The paint job you did looks great!

    I do love the grey against the white curtains also! You did indeed have a productive weekend, and how nice you were warm, which is more than I can say for me right now and I'm in Florida! lol


    1. Doreen, I am dying right now. Girl, you are too funny! Oh my gosh. Hahaha. No, no, it's on securely. No noise from it. :) snort, laugh. Oh my.

      We're not warm now. Although we're in for another warming trend until Sunday. Huh, you'd think Florida would be warm!
      Thanks for the laughs,

  5. Great color choice for the walls and I love the door headboard. I agree that the tin tiles would have made a nice touch but the iron piece works well too. You had a very productive weekend...enjoy your week!

    1. Hi Jeanna,
      I haven't given up the idea of tin tiles- just need to look for ones that can be sized to fit without losing the design. Next Canton trip!
      Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Love the wall color Cecilia! and yes, a sliding barn door would look great. I so love that bench at the foot of the bed or under the window....and I spy beautiful artwork!

    1. Yes, I'm very excited about my soon to be barn door! I love the bench at the foot of the bed...keeps the bedding from sliding onto the All the artwork comes from various thrift stores except for Herbie's portrait. I'm redoing Buddy's so he will join Herbie soon. :)

  7. Hi Cecilia--I'm loving the gray walls. I've just dipped my toe into gray recently when I painted a little cupboard I had gray, and I like it! Your curtains and headboard (turned out great) really stand out against the gray. Nice job--

    1. Thanks, Diana. It's a nice warmish grey. And I love the white against it too - all the trim got a fresh coat! Looking forward to the rug getting here so I can put it down. It will tie everything together.

  8. Gray is my absolute favorite wall color. I'm slowly painting every room in my house. Your bedroom is so pretty. LOVE the change!

    1. Thank you, Sherry! It feels so peaceful. Just what I was after!

  9. Looks beautiful Cecilia !
    And that iron work on the headboard? Genius - so now there's 2 of us LOL - I LOVE it one there !
    Can't wait to see that barn door - it's going to finish off your room perfectly !

    1. haha, you were my inspiration, Suzan! :D After all, you do stuff like that all the time. So I'm a borrowed genius...LOL.
      Me neither! I wish I could go this weekend but I have an art show to go to which is fine but I want to get my door up!! The rug came in yesterday, so I have it too. yay!

  10. Cecilia, your bedroom looks lovely! I know you will enjoy your gray walls--I have really enjoyed my living and dining rooms painted gray. Great job on the headboard! Blessings, Cecilia

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! I do love the grey! Added more touches this weekend. Will share soon. :-)


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