Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blueberry Time!

My sweet mother-in-law and I drove up to the farm yesterday so we could pick blueberries at a blueberry farm close by the B Farm. It is called Lake Creek Blueberry Farm in Montalba, TX.

We had no idea what to expect. We went early before it got too hot. This is the view down the drive to where you pick up your buckets.

 This is the view back toward the road. Those are some tall blueberry bushes!

The bushes were loaded!

There are three varieties, each ripening at different times. The owners told me they have 7800 plants on 11 acres. Wow. They also told me the crop was about 50% less than previous years because of the late freezes and hard winter we'd had. I can't even begin to imagine that many more.

We were given gallon buckets with a harness to hold them up. Here's Bonnie modeling one for us:

It was a very effective way to carry the bucket and berries as it left your hands free. :o)

We quickly filled our buckets:

And decided to go empty them and each pick another gallon. They taste so good (yes, I was sampling as I was picking)!

The owners, Tim and Judy, are so sweet. They told us when we got home to spread the berries out on a paper towel so they could dry off and then when they were no longer damp, to place them in bags and freeze them. So, I have mine all spread out on paper towels:

Counter next to the stove

On the table

Another view of the table
Y'all, that's a lot of blueberries! 2 yummy gallons for smoothies, salads, dessert, etc.

Bonnie and I agreed this will be a yearly tradition. Now excuse me while I go drool and dream of all the delicious things I'm going to make.


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  1. I shared my mama's blueberries a few days ago on my blog! She makes a yummy lemon, blueberry cake...:) It is really tasty! I love blueberries and would love to have fresh ones every day. I love them with walnuts as a snack. Hope you're having a great week!

    Blessings, Vicky

    1. Yum, Vicky! I missed that one. I will have to pop over and find it. I have so many so I need ideas on what to make with them. Have a great week too!

  2. Oh darn- Blogger ate my comment. I said that looks like a fun time. I used to pick blueberries but only from the low/ground plants and not from the bushes. They look delicious- xo Diana

    1. Oh it was, Diana. It's the first time I picked blueberries. I'm going to love living where I can get fresh produce all the time! I found the farmer's market too. Yum-o!

  3. Oh how wonderful to be able to pick those great blueberries!...Love them and have them in my smoothie every morning!!!

    1. Oh it was! I'm going to love me some blueberry smoothies for sure! :-)

  4. I eat blueberries every morning in my oatmeal. Did you know it's best to buy organic? Apparently they're filled with chemicals otherwise (more so than most fruits) and washing them doesn't do the trick. In spite of that, I must confess sometimes I just buy regular. Organics are three times as much!

    We went blueberry picking and I posted about it last year or the year before...I lose track of time. lol

    Thank you for your lovely comment yesterday Cecilia!


    1. Hey Doreen! The owners told me these are organic, no sprays, nothing. They are sooo good!

  5. My girls love blueberries - we made sure to get wild ones in Maine! Love your bucket!

    1. They are so, so good! I'm going to be posting a wonderful recipe a friend gave me later today so be sure to check back! (And wild ones! Are they small or big? That would be fun to go pick!)


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