Monday, October 14, 2013

October Decor

It's raining...pouring even. So, what's a girl to do?

 Well, bake and decorate of course! It's a good time for Pumpkin Bread so I mixed up a batch and popped it in the oven. I have an hour before it comes out. Yum, yum. This is one of the best recipes I've ever made. A sweet friend shared it with me many years ago. She's moved since then but I remember her each time I make it. You can find the recipe here.

I also decorated with my Halloween stuff. I always have fun decorating for Halloween. I don't do scary...just fun and maybe a little creepy. lol.

First of all, I decorated at the city home:

I used my Party Lite candle holders on the entry table. I also have a framed subway art (you can see the edge of it on the right), a couple of scarecrows, leaf garland, and eyeball plate.

Close up of eyeball plate. I got a .99 cent plate from GoodWill and drew the eyeball and veins on with colored Sharpie pens. Fast and easy!

The mantle I decorated with my owls, glass pumpkins and a BOO banner made from book pages I copied, added letters to, and then printed out. The white plate has "Who's There?" written on it with a Vis-a-Vis pen.

Close up of one of the owls. Isn't he cute?
Fun and cute and not too spooky. :o)

Then at the farmhouse, I changed up the old window on the entry table and added some spookier elements:

Spider web, midnight hour clock, Boo chalk message plate, raven on window, pumpkins, creepy cloth (I found it at Wal-Mart last year)

In Noir style:

Some close ups:

Holey pumpkin with mice...eek!

 GW pumpkin covered in book pages and antiqued.

The mantle also got an update, again with GW finds - plates were 3/$2.99 -   candle sticks - which got a fresh coat of paint- and pumpkins that came from the dollar section at Target:

Lastly, I put out this fellow:

 I got him many years ago when Bruce and I first got married. Back when ceramics were popular you could find all sorts of things to paint. I had them pour this for me and picked him up still damp so I could cut the eyes, nose and mouth and a hole for the cord to go thru. After he got fired, I glazed him inside and out, fired him again. I then added a flickering lightbulb to the inside. I can't believe he's survived all these years. He still makes me smile:

So I'm all ready for the Spook-tacular holiday. Come November, it will all get changed to Thanksgiving decor. :o)

Hmm, the pumpkin bread is done and calling my name...

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  1. For some reason my comment didn't go through. Anyway, I love it all-but he rats in the pumpkin kind of creep me out! lol Your mantels are wonderful-xo Diana

    1. Oh Diana! The mice are tiny...I couldn't do the big rubber rats - they are creepy. Glad you like the rest. :)

  2. I had to laugh at Diana's comment Cecilia! I was thinking the same thing! I'm up at the cabin. Just got here today and I decided to do a little cleaning and organizing and started with the pantry. Well, guess what was on one of the shelves? A dead mouse! Ewwwwwww!!

    I bet that ceramic pumpkin brings back memories every time you look at it. I remember those!

    I can't say I decorate for Halloween, so I will live vicariously thru you :)

    1. Well, Doreen, a dead mouse would be gross! But better than alive!
      Yes, the ceramic pumpkin does...31 years of memories. I didn't do much decorating once the kids got older but then I decided "why not?"

    2. I want to add - it gives me a reason to dust! Lol

  3. I haven't decorated for Halloween in years - but wow is this fun!!!
    I LOVE that newspaper antiqued pumpkin Cecilia - tutorial please?

    1. Thanks Suzan. The pumpkin is super easy. I will post a tutorial soon! Promise!

  4. Love love love it all! I like how the black & white picture turned out. And eyeball plate is so great!

    1. Aw thanks Susan. It's fun to play with my editing software...
      The eye ball plate was so much fun to make too!

  5. I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating...just general Fall decor...but love a great Halloween have done so many of them that are bootiful!!!...sorry had to say that!!!...and love that creepy rat pumpkin!

    1. Haha, Shirley! You are too funny! I did the rat pumpkin as a joke for my son (he's 26). He actually gave me a "cool" remark. Lol.


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