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Bread Box Charging Station

I finally took the plunge. I went to an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class and came out of it in love. I wanted to buy one can of every color but instead I had to settle on getting one (it was stressful trying decide what color! ) and a can of wax. This stuff is fabulous, beautiful, fun to work with, and I can't wait to try it out on a big piece of furniture! ( Disclaimer - I am not being paid to say this). That said, I don't have a large piece of furniture to paint right now. So, I looked through my pending projects and decided to start on this: A nice big bread box I got at GW (Don't remember the exact cost but it wasn't much) I wanted to make a charging station and thought this one would be the right size.I had cleaned it with Mineral Spirits as it was gummy from ??  I also gave it a light sanding and primed it with Zinsser primer - all before the ASCP workshop. If I'd only known that paint doesn't need a primer coat, I could have saved myself a step. A

Book Page Pumpkin Tutorial

Suzan at simply vintagous asked me, little old me! for a tutorial on my book page pumpkin. :o) I can't believe it...I mean, she could so do this without me telling her how, I'm sure. :o) But, I am honored that she asked though. If you've never been over to her blog, go visit. She is super talented and just a hoot! Anyway, making this is super easy. You need just a few supplies: Fake pumpkin ( I got mine at Good Will as I refuse to pay $$ for the ones in the stores ) Book pages -torn into strips and pieces; or you can use newspaper Modge Podge Dark brown acrylic craft paint Small paint brush Tear up a lot of book pages. I tore chunky pieces and strips. Then cover one side of the book page piece with Modge Podge and place on pumpkin. Smooth out. Continue until entire pumpkin is covered ( I had to do a section at a time otherwise my fingers stuck to the paper and pulled it off). Let dry making sure you do not place the wet part on something it will stick to.  (

October Decor

It's raining...pouring even. So, what's a girl to do?  Well, bake and decorate of course! It's a good time for Pumpkin Bread so I mixed up a batch and popped it in the oven. I have an hour before it comes out. Yum, yum. This is one of the best recipes I've ever made. A sweet friend shared it with me many years ago. She's moved since then but I remember her each time I make it. You can find the recipe  here . I also decorated with my Halloween stuff. I always have fun decorating for Halloween. I don't do scary...just fun and maybe a little creepy. lol. First of all, I decorated at the city home: I used my Party Lite candle holders on the entry table. I also have a framed subway art (you can see the edge of it on the right), a couple of scarecrows, leaf garland, and eyeball plate. Close up of eyeball plate. I got a .99 cent plate from GoodWill and drew the eyeball and veins on with colored Sharpie pens. Fast and easy! The mantle I decorat

Final Laundry Room Reveal and Some Fall Crafts

I put the finishing touches on the Laundry Room this weekend. I made a large clothespin sign from some of my old fence pickets: I cut out the design using my scroll saw then nailed bracing on the back and painted my letters using the same stencil I used on the curtain. I hung it above the window and washing machine: I added a twine "clothesline" and hung one of my childhood dresses on it and also made a shelf  from fence pickets to put above the washer for the laundry soap. On the long wall, I added another clothesline and hung some of the kids' and my baby clothes...aren't those overalls adorable? The little apron is mine. My mom made my twin sis and me matching ones with our initial on the pocket. I remember wearing it playing house or helping make cookies. Sadly, I don't have any of Bruce's baby or kid clothes. I need to ask my mother-in-law if she saved any. More tweaking: Then there's my mother's ironing board her