Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back from Vacation

I feel like I've been MIA...

The truth is I've been on vacation ( we went to Washington state with friends to visit friends who'd moved there ):
Bruce and me with Mt. Rainier in the background
Mt. St. Helen - yikes, it's a long way down!

The group - great friends! And yes, that's snow we're standing in

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Space Needle

Then when we got back, we had to help our daughter move. So I haven't had much time to work on projects at all this month. But I'm back and caught up on things; no more excuses, right?

We did run up to the farm this past weekend. I am attempting to rust some tin using safe ingredients but I may give up soon and let Bruce spray it with muriatic acid. I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet...I want my method to work!!

I need some time to work on the laundry room (or need to feel motivated, more like ). I have curtains to sew, ceiling and walls to paint, wainscoting to hang, and art projects to create. Some I will work on here at the city house, but whew! I need to get with it!

The hollow core door is going to get replaced with an old door I found at an antique store. It has tons of character and I'm adding a fun element to it. Can't wait to show you that.

I added curtains to the back porch too. The back of the house faces west and it gets hot in the summer evenings. We took galvanized 1/2" pipe, hung it, then clipped two 6x9' drop clothes on (slipped the curtain rings on before hanging the pipe).  Easy, instant curtains. We use rope to tie them back. You can see them in the picture below. I'd like to eventually add grommets to the curtains but the rings work for now.

I stayed until Wednesday and my oldest sister came up with two of her grandkids. Because of the rain and an unusual weather pattern, we had unheard of cool temperatures ( high 70's-low 80's not the normal 100s for July!) so we built a campfire one evening and toasted marshmallows. Fun! ( Thanks, Christine, for the picture! )
Me and the kids

We also went up to Tyler to the zoo there. All in all, a fun visit. I enjoyed their visit and the kids had a blast playing with the pups.

I will have to take loads of pictures next time we are at the farm to make up for the lack this time. Hope your summer is going well.



  1. You've been busy, and your list of things to do is about a mile long! There never seems to be enough time to do it all.

    I may actually do some drop cloths on the porch too. I know pure white isn't going to cut it, so the actual color of them might just be what the dr. ordered. Not sure yet.

    Your trip looked like lots of fun! Washington is a beautiful state, but one that I've yet to visit.

    The door sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

    1. There always seems to be so much to do and I just can't get it done in a weekend! I hope I can get the laundry room done by the end of September - guess we'll see.

    2. Oh, and I do like the way the drop cloths look as curtains

  2. Looks like a great vacation - it was so humid here Cecilia - that anywhere with snow would have been a fabulous holiday for me LOL

    1. It was fabulous, Suzan! Loved getting to escape our hot and humid weather although July 4th felt weird at cool temps. LOL


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