Monday, February 11, 2013

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are showing up at the "B" Farm. 




Early wildflowers:
Pretty wildflower - Not Bastard Weed!
Plus, the leaves on some of the trees are starting to bud out:

Elm tree

I hope we don't get a late cold snap that freezes the tender leaves but it's very possible. Texas weather is so unpredictable this time of year and can change in an instant.

Of course, the interior is getting refreshed for Spring also. All the wintery decor has been put away and replaced with an early Spring one:

Fireplace Mantel with warm candle light and roses

 I found this birdcage at GW long ago and whitewashed it:

 I love how it looks with all the candles in it.

The lantern also got a whitewashed finish:

 I moved these from the entry and placed on the fireplace ledge. I love their rustic finish and how the candlelight shows up the letters:

The entry table decor was greatly simplified. Ivy surrounds the mercury glass-like candle holder:

All is ready for Spring. My next post will show my guest room reveal. I am excited to have that room ready for guests to come stay in! 

I hope you enjoyed my signs of Spring and hope you find some where you are.

Praising God for His blessings of renewal,


  1. I was so happy to see the daffodils! I was just telling my husband that I wish we had planted daffodils. They are so happy and are messengers of spring. As for life at Still Woods, the azaleas are beginning to bud and will soon by ablaze with color. I guess they will have to be my daffodils this year. Love the birdcage!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad the previous owner planted the daffodils and other bulbs. I'm waiting to see if any of the irises bloom this year...I love azaleas - I want some but afraid the deer will eat them.

  2. Spring!?!? Wow! Daffodils are such a cheery start to Spring, and I love that birdcage!

    1. Hey Karen, we are talking Texas after all but I fear we will get hit with one last cold blast before Easter. I hope not...I'm looking forward to everything greening up. I love my birdcage too! Thanks.

  3. Oh signs of spring all over, and I love it. Your pictures are just gorgeous. Love the candlelite of the fireplace mantel, so pretty. Thanks so much for the visit and your gracious comments. Hugs, marty

    1. Thank you, Marty! Candlelight is my favorite lighting! :0) Have a wonderful weekend!


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