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Guest Room Reveal

Hurray!! The guest bedroom is mostly done...I'm finally ready for guests!

I had initially thought I could just get by with cleaning it, getting rid of the furniture left behind, adding curtains, and furnishing it.

I had to convince Mr. B the desk had to go...too big and didn't go with my vision for a guest room:

The night stand/end table thingy is one ugly, heavy piece of furniture:
It got pressed into service as a stand for the tiny refrigerator we initially used. Now it's sitting out in the garage until I decide what it's good for...

The paint looked like a nice golden apricot until I put my curtains up. yikes! That made it turn very peachy and not the pretty golden color I wanted:

I decided then and there I was going to have to paint it. Although I thought about getting a rich golden color, I had 2 gals. of paint leftover from my master bedroom here in the city. It is a custom color similar to Behr's Creamy Mushroom only lighter. Neutral is good, plus it goes be…

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are showing up at the "B" Farm. 



Early wildflowers: Plus, the leaves on some of the trees are starting to bud out:

I hope we don't get a late cold snap that freezes the tender leaves but it's very possible. Texas weather is so unpredictable this time of year and can change in an instant.
Of course, the interior is getting refreshed for Spring also. All the wintery decor has been put away and replaced with an early Spring one:

 I found this birdcage at GW long ago and whitewashed it:

 I love how it looks with all the candles in it.

The lantern also got a whitewashed finish:

 I moved these from the entry and placed on the fireplace ledge. I love their rustic finish and how the candlelight shows up the letters:

The entry table decor was greatly simplified. Ivy surrounds the mercury glass-like candle holder:

All is ready for Spring. My next post will show my guest room reveal. I am excited to have that room ready for guests t…

Puppies First Farm Visit

We finally got to take the puppies to the farm. They had a blast! They gave me lots to smile about and laugh over - just what I needed.

They ran and dug in the dirt:

ran some more, then found the leaf piles and played in them like little kids:

I think they loved being there....they certainly wore themselves out!

While I played with the puppies, Bruce replaced the steps in the yard:

The old ones were pretty rotted and threatened to crumble when we walked on them. It's great to have solid wood underfoot now. Thanks, Bruce! Now I need to work on cleaning the weeds out of the retaining wall.

I also tested paint colors for the exterior of the house. It's mostly brick but the previous owners had started repainting (bad color choice) the trim, porches, and garage doors then quit about 1/4 of the way through. It needs to be redone soon! Also on the list, painting the inside of the doors. They are primed so ready to go. I need a week there! Herbie and Buddy are all over that - they can…