Monday, July 25, 2016

From Gold to Espresso

I'm all pumped up after vacation to get some projects started and done! The city house has needed some freshening up - Y'all! we've been in this house 23 years as of the 23rd. Where has time gone? Anyway, the last major refresh was over ten years ago. We have lots to do. :-)

The hall bath was first on my list to tackle. Lots of golden oak cabinetry in this house but it's really good quality.
I shared my ideas for it in this post - I'm happy to report, I sanded and stained the cabinets this past week. It really wasn't too bad of a job. The old finish was pretty worn so most sanded off easily.

It looked much better after one coat. I couldn't wait to get the second coat on!

The second coat really darkened the color. I'm loving it! I used Minwax Polyshades in Espresso. I like having the poly with the stain! One less coat to put on.

 So that's one major project done. Here's a side by side before and after picture:

Yay! No more scarred up golden oak. I love how it looks!

Repairing the shower grout is the next big project then it's all the fun stuff.

While I'm waiting for my grout samples to arrive, I've been working on some fun accessories. One is the light switch plate - I knew I needed to update the old one - (it's hard to find a four switch light plate). I had spray painted it silver with the last makeover but it was pretty yucky looking. I decided to give it a fun facelift inspired by our recent trip to the Northeast.
It was really fun to paint!

Be sure to come back next week for more projects - they involve seashells and sea horses and all things nautical.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Boston and Beyond - The End

The Final Days or The End

(You can read about part 1 and part 2 if you missed them)

After the Seuss Sculptures, we headed to Stockbridge and the Norman Rockwell museum. I loved it! He is one of my all time favorite artists/illustrators.

Loved all the Saturday Evening Post Illustrations...this one is too cute!
Bruce, me, Susan, and Kevin resting after touring the museum
We even got to see his fabulous studio where you can bet I was taking pictures and making mental notes on what I needed to copy for mine!

Love the windows and all the light

 Stockbridge is also picturesque and quite quaint. 
We ended our day in a close-by town with a yummy supper and then headed to our hotel.

Next morning we split into two groups - one group went to Newport and did the Cliff Walk, found the Pez museum and an alien abduction site (only you, Mark) while the other one (the one we were in) headed to Dennis Port and the beach. 

We got there around lunch, went and found a great little restaurant where we sat outside and enjoyed the view and chowed down on some yummy food.
Paul and Bruce showing off the oysters
Noticing all the canoes and kayaks, we decided to find the rental place so we could paddle up the lovely Swan pond. We had a blast paddling around and even saw a swan family!
uh, Bruce...I thought you were helping me paddle?
Gosling and Mama
Back from that, we spied an ice cream place and enjoyed some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted. Yum. Then a grocery store stop to pick up supper, snacks and breakfast foods.  

Then we walked along the beach, swam, and ate supper. More clam chowder! Yum, I see a trend going on here. 

Later with the rest of our group there, we sat outside enjoying the sounds of the surf and smell of the salt air and each other's company.

Next morning, a front had blown in and it was quite chilly.  I'm sure glad I brought a jacket with me! 

I wanted to take pictures of all the beautiful flowers we'd seen the previous day so Bruce, Mira, Paul and I took off for a stroll.

Cute windmill

Oh my! The roses!

The window boxes!

As we were taking pictures of front yards, a man came out and invited us to see the rest of his garden in back. What a treat! They were beautiful - love the day lilies!
With koi ponds and waterfalls,
beautiful flowers
and I loved all his whimsical touches he had placed throughout.

I admit I was crushing on his dragon weather vane!
bathing dragon
ceramic cat on his roof
 It was a real treat and he was fun to talk to. :o)

Then we all packed up and drove up Cape Cod, stopping at the national park, lighthouses (one which was opened so we climbed up it)
Three Sisters

Anybody home?
This is the one we got to climb:

oh the stairs wound round and round

They got scarier

Finally at the top and this quote was there

This was fascinating  about the cliff eroding and them moving the light house. 

And per Bruce's suggestion - we decided to do a chowder crawl. Basically, we looked up places along the way to Provincetown and tried the chowder. They were all different; some good, some so-so, and only one we all didn't like. (Needless to say, I don't want clam chowder for awhile. Ha.)
Bruce waiting for his chowder plus he got a whoopie pie

Chowder Connoisseurs 

Lobster fun

In Provincetown, we climbed up the Pilgrim Monument and enjoyed the view. Wow!

Pilgrim Monument

view from the top

It's a little windy up there

lots of steps

we made it to the top and back!
Then we walked around the town a bit

Took a Funny Group Photo
(Oh no! Mira is caught in the shark's mouth!)
Me and my friend Bubbles
Afterwards, we found a beach along the National Shoreline - Newcomb Hollow. It was cold and July. Seriously. It felt like a Texas winter.
me and Mira...we're cold!
Bruce was a lot tougher than me!
We then headed back to Dennis Port and one last supper together before going home.
Love these people!
Followed by yummy ice cream at this cute place! (No wonder I gained weight on this trip - lol).
We did go to the JFK Memorial Museum in Hyannis Port the next day on our way back to Boston. It was really cool to see, too. Finally we got back to Boston, boarded the plane and headed home. It was a great trip with great people.

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