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Ring, Ring! Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

Ring...Ring. Hello? Are you there? Ever since I won the book, French Accents by Anita Joyce, (you can read that post here ), I've been on the lookout for a piece of furniture to try out the style on. However, I haven't found anything that said French to me. I love the look of the piece below: Source Then one day, my brother-in-law told me about a curious table he saw at Good Will in their auction section. It was, he told me, a chair with a table with shelf attached. "Oh!", I exclaimed, " a telephone table or gossip bench. How much are they asking?" He told me it had $15 currently on it and was in decent shape. I asked if he was going to be there the day of the auction. Yes, he could be. I told him my daughter and I saw one at Salvation Army once for $80, how we didn't buy it, and how we've regretted it ever since. (Much like the one below): Source He said he'd try to get it for much did I want to spend? I told him

Kitchen Dreaming

One of the things we want to do at the farm is to redo the kitchen. It was a dirty mess when we bought the place. Brown cabinets, brown paneling, wallpaper, and lots and lots of grime. (Gross) My sweet MIL came up with me one weekend and helped me scrub and clean....bless her! Then my friend Cindy came up and helped me paint all those brown cabinets...we wore ourselves out but thanks to her that job got almost done in just three days! (Bless her too!) Bruce helped me finish them up, so in five days the kitchen was freshly painted and put back together. Then I talked Bruce into taking down the low hanging cabinet over the bar. Best.decision.ever! It opened up the space and brought it into the 21st century. Lol. But now we need to decide what's the next step will be. How much we will do to really make it a kitchen we not only will enjoy but will be the best we can make it. Let's start with the countertops. We know we want to upgrade them. I have Silesto

My Word For The Year

Another year has come and gone. My grandma was right when she said the older you got, the faster time goes by. Crazy. But here we are - 2016. What does it mean for The "B" Farm? Well my friends, this marks the fourth year of us owning our sweet farm. When we bought it, we set a goal of getting it live-in ready in five years so that means next year all projects will be completed! (hopefully everything falls into place)! I am so ready to leave the city behind and become a Country mouse. To that end, my word of the year is "Prepare". Prepare by tackling a couple of big projects - new kitchen countertops and making Tin Roof Studio a reality. Prepare by getting rid of all the stuff we've managed to accumulate over the 22+ years we've been in this house and only keeping what we really need. (When we do move, we don't need to take a bunch of unwanted stuff with us. And by doing it now, we'll have less to do when we do move). Prep